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best online churches 2020

Wednesday, January 27th 2021.

A website visitor would be able to find out a lot about what this church is about through those. They used winsome, vivid images and accent colors. The easier you can make that process for someone, the better the chance to get them involved. When he’s not striving for the perfect balance of information and entertainment, Andrew enjoys the great outdoors and the wide world of sports. We liked how they used a ton of parallax images on the content pages to break up the text and just give them a more personal look. They also have a neat counter at the bottom showing how many decisions for Christ and how many people connected in life groups. Simplilearn’s PMP Certification Training Course covers new trends, emerging practices, and core competencies required of a project management professional. The church has been able to capture good candid images of life at the church. Enjoy These High End Fabrics In Sizes 8-26w. They have also made it very simple to find and join a small group using location filters. Ditto for Joel and Victoria Osteen’s Lakewood Church, which has more than 43,000 weekly members and an archive of online sermons, but no dedicated online campus. The list is simple and easy to follow. Use Coupon Code Hello21 at Checkout or By Phone. The Ministries page has a quick overview of each ministry offered and contact info, good images, upcoming events, and how to connect/follow on different social media. Granite Bay’s website has many locations. They did a great job on their website making it easy to navigate through all of their ministry areas. Looking for Church Management software? If you have a church site you think our team should consider for our next update, let us know in the comments below. Boom. They have a beautiful background video and their service times are directly on the front of the homepage. We liked how each ministry page has it’s own upcoming events section so you can quickly jump into and see what is happening. They featured their budget there. The Avenue Church has their service times and locations bold and visible. Location and media information is right on the homepage, so that makes it easy to find. Just by commenting here. How convenient! They have great outreach and ministry opportunities listed throughout their website. An additional note, this list was helpful in designing our site. This makes for ease of navigation and overall use of the site. This is a nice way to layout the main pages that a new website visitor would want to reach quickly without having to visit every page on the website. They also have a very simple, easy to remember domain name. We would love for you to check out our church website and let us know what you think. Great list and job Magen! It lacks online campus solution but its perfect picture quality with no buffering incredibly transmits the events. They even have the option to sign up for email delivery of the devotional. They also have a unique newsletter sign up feature that we liked. We liked the font and text color choices as well. The large block sections separate the text areas into a beautiful layout that is different from the basic designs that we sometimes see. Great calls to action in each section help a website visitor “do something” to engage if they would like to. The homepage video shows serving, worship, preaching and gives a nice, quick glimpse into the church. The website is simple, yet packed full of resources, great photography and is easy to navigate. Bethlehem Church has very engaging photos all throughout the website. This website has a catchy tag-line. They also use large, quality images throughout the site. Average weekly attendance: 70,000. They have call to action buttons on every page and sometimes multiple sections on a page. They use some neat design features such as bold colors, graphics icons, and accordions to organize information. Fellowship Church used crisp images to capture what is happening at the church. Church Online is a place for you to experience God and connect with others. Thanks for sharing Evan. The pastor, Alex Henderson, also has physical services in Ayr, Scotland. Flatirons Community Church’s website has done just that, showing a sermon, children’s worship, and adult worship. Here's the best antivirus protection for Windows 10, and what's worth paying extra for. Today’s online churches treat the Internet as a campus all its own, with interactive chat, dedicated online pastors, and a web ministry ready to serve their cyber-congregation. Great photography, good content amounts and a quick call to action. Written By. This church’s website really ties into the church name: The Simple Church. Their photography all throughout the website is worth raving about. Aloma’s website has a Live Chat feature that we haven’t seen on too many church websites. Having resources on your website for church members and potential church visitors can be vital in keeping your members engaged when they aren’t at church during the week. We felt that Sojourn Heights belonged on our Top 100 Church Website list. Fastest-Growing Largest Reproducing About Outreach 100 Subscribe to Magazine. New Spring’s website utilized a dynamic background video section. They have a neat logo that ties into their overall look. How to check in your kids, where to park, what worship looks like, etc. Prices may vary. This church currently meets in a high school, so they rely heavily on volunteers to serve in all areas, and their website shows all of the different places you can be involved in the “A-TEAM.”. Finding a group of any kind couldn’t have been made any more easy. . For many of these churches, it is vibrant worship and the excitement that goes with it. They have done a great job making this website one for not only a website visitor but for their church family. Hiring a videographer and professional photographer can be a game changer when it comes to custom website design. The videos are under 3 minutes a piece and they have ten of them. Growth By % 10% A new church is being planted … Their website … From their video, we can get a sneak peak at what going to the church might be like for an example the type of people that attend, the worship style, the kids’ ministry, etc. Their staff page is neatly done with larger style photos and small content areas. They use bold text and bright colors. The Crossing uses large block images and big sections of text which makes the mobile version of their site easy to navigate. National Catholic Register. Those things made small design changes that stand out. Celebration Church made it very easy to navigate the site with clear links and we liked how their watch live was clear and direct so one could get to that quickly without having to dig around. Your color palette is an essential step in the design process of a well-developed website. We loved their ‘what to expect’ section – ‘loud music, free coffee, etc.’ – seems like an easy to connect place. We liked this one right off the bat! Church and Events is one of the best-selling WordPress church themes at ThemeForest marketplace. You can quickly email or contact them by hovering on their image. Red Rocks also has sports leagues and events geared toward different sports events to make connections on the community and in their church family. Seacoast’s website has an intimate feel to it. Very cool. It has since grown to 15 sprawling physical locations around Alabama. Very custom and unique, but also stands out. Nicely placed info and well laid out. They use tiny pictures on their inside pages and have good amounts of content to go along with them. They also have many locations and ministries but the way they have them laid out the website still makes it easy to find the info you need. A website visitor has clear links to follow and their upcoming events are nicely highlighted on all pages so one can clearly know what is coming up in the different areas of ministry. FAST FACTS The kids and student pages are nicely laid out using good banner images to separate sections of text content. Let me start by offering you a warm welcome. With a name like Red Rocks Church, one may assume their website color choice would be red. They have interesting ministries links for each of their campuses. Church websites need a good tagline. We also love the overall navigation of the site. Best Church Giving & Donation Software for 2020 Fundraising Software. Hope Chapel has really nice images of all areas of the church. They also have a ton of great resources on their website such as devotionals and links to other outside tools. See what church leaders have to say about our online … Did we miss one of the biggest online churches? We can’t stress this element enough. We liked how they had a small week view event calendar on the homepage, making that a quick look at what is coming up. Church of the City has clear, quality images and an aerial  video of the city on the homepage. “The Chapel” made our Top 100 Church Website list for their layout. Our Top 100 Church Websites list is coming to its’ end. This is a multi-campus church with a huge online presence. They have a wonderful video background that shows all aspects of the church: arrival, worship, greeters, children and youth ministry and shots of the surrounding city. We’ve compared the top five church giving platforms by researching their features, giving tools and cost to help you in your decision about which church giving software will be the best fit for your church. This element personalizes the church and lets us see real people and hear how they have overcome or let God use them. The online campus has a dedicated pastor, David Russell, and an online prayer team at the ready. They also used very large images that standout. The use of the simple fonts and lightweight body text makes for a clean look. They have great images throughout the site. It removes the barrier of technology so churches everywhere can reach the people they are uniquely equipped to reach. Churches quickly adopt online services, find new ways to raise funds . Life.Church, in Oklahoma, has about 30,000 weekly visitors. We are doing an update for 2020 and will take a look at yours! RebelGive. We liked their logo too! Online Vietnamese Courses: The Best (And Worst) For 2020 If you’re getting ready to learn Vietnamese, this is the list you need. Bold colors and excellent photography make the website stand out. Your privacy is important to us. They took all candid pictures of the staff to show a quick glimpse of each individual’s personality and we loved it. They did a great job on their ‘Meet Westside’ welcome video- having it narrated and walking someone through what it looks likes upon arriving and what to expect. Speaking of personality – their staff photos section is pretty unique. Whether you’re planning a trip or need… The drop-down menus are broken down nicely into easy to find categories. Or do you know of a church that is revolutionizing the way churches operate online? Logo for a church should be simple, influencing, attractive, and meaningful. Having important information in easy to find locations on your website can make a good website experience or a bad one. Using stock photography sometimes can’t be avoided if you want to have high-quality images on your website. We also like the transparency on their Giving page. They have an entire page dedicated to personal stories of salvation and transformations. We chose New Birth for our Top 100 Church Website list. Homestead Community Church in Farmington found a creative way to host an outreach event during a pandemic by holding a drive-thru giveaway Saturday, Dec. 19, 2020… Do you know what kind of impact your website is making? The video shows members and families working on a huge piece of art together as a church body and giving some testimonies of how they enjoy being a part of Woodmen. Online Church Calendar Quickly and easily create a church events calendar your members will love with My Church Events. They have a good handful of pages, but they aren’t overloaded with content. In addition to 14 physical locations around California, Saddleback also has campuses in Berlin, Buenos Aires, Hong Kong, and South Manila. The student and kid ministry pages are vibrant and informative. Very crisp, high-quality images give the extra punch to each page. Church on the Move is a major standout for one big reason, dynamic photography. Northwood Church’s website made our top 100 list for its simplicity. They are very much connected via many social media outlets, and they have a small bar with all of the different ones conveniently placed above their navigation. They have some stunning photography and you capture that right off the bat with their homepage image. Check out Capterra's list of the best Church Management software solutions. With a heart to reach people at their point of need, Christ Fellowship’s external focus keeps the church moving in the direction towards the community—feeding the homeless, creating homes for neglected and abused children in the South Florida and caring for the underserved communities in our region. It is free and could be very helpful for you guys. Aloma Church made our Top 100 Church Website list for its ease of navigation. The images they have up, give the welcoming feeling and sense of community that a website visitor may be looking for. New Life Church has a nice background video and their upcoming events are nicely laid out on the homepage. The Best Church VIDEO Camera Setups For 2020. Their “Starting Point” page is great! Pushpay. We found those videos to be engaging and informative. For our Top 100 Website list, we enjoyed hunting down some really cool sites. Domain names are important too. Their Devotionals page is a cool blog type post that they update daily where you can read a short message, and there is a prayer focus attached. We stream 5 live services on our website, mobile app, Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Roku, Amazon TV and Apple TV. 20 Creative Fundraising Ideas for Church (2020 Updated) November 16, 2020 by Ilma Ibrisevic. Are you looking for the best WordPress themes for your church? Again, those show in a personal way what is happening in your church. It is nice to be able to look at other sites and see what would benefit our site (and what wouldn’t). Having a church app can be a great addition to your website. We liked their logo in the center of the navigation menu versus the usually left-hand side. Download the database in Excel format or CSV format for US/Canada list, International list, Internet Campus list. That’s why, for example, Second Baptist Church Houston—which has six different main campuses and a congregation reportedly over 60,000 members—is not included here. Woodmen Valley has a very nice homepage video that tells about the church in an intimate way. All of their content is laid out in easy to find ways. These may be some of the best photos we have seen on a church website. Moasiac Made With: Squarespace → Mosaic is a local church with a coffee shop vibe. Calvary Chapel’s ministries include one of the largest private schools in Florida. Just because you can't physically make it to church doesn't mean you have to miss out on the holy experience. It’s is an invaluable resource. Very well laid out. Some of the inside pages are content-heavy, but the overall look of the website makes up for anything there. All schools are accredited, offer at least one online bachelor's degree, and have acceptance rates under 50%. What it comes down to is telling a compelling story about your church. You may be far away from your home and may require to follow church services. We thought this was a great way to bring people together in a different way other than just in ‘church’. They have a great welcome video on the homepage as well giving you a good look at what their church is about. Best Name-Brand Online Glasses. Their tagline is excellent and ties to their tagline (Reach – Relate – Reproduce). Social media appears to be important and it plays a large part on the homepage. This is another way to show that they can watch live instead of seeing that in the main navigation. We liked “Grace Church’s”  colorful icons used instead of just the usual navigation text bar. We liked that they put in large text over the video with the service times and location. The simple layout of their small yet impactful sections make this website stand out. Church has 27 physical locations in eight different states, a new member doesn’t have to travel to any of them to do all those things, because Life.Church offers an entire, functioning church online that serves about 70,000 people every week. Candid, location and landscape shots have really captured our eyes. Simple ministry pages allow for quick access to the information one would need to connect in those ministry areas. This website uses excellent photos and just has an overall vibrant feel to it. Their watch live page links off of the homepage so one can get there with ease. Not to mention that attendance can fluctuate wildly from year to year and even month to month. Good News Church easily made it on our Top Church Websites list! They have the right amount of text along with great photos showing each ministry in action. Each of their pages has a beautiful large header area with a coinciding image. Sometimes a simple site is better, and they have done an excellent job with their layout. HANDY! This may grab the attention when you aren’t necessarily just on the homepage. Life.Church also has a popular Bible app, called YouVersion, and even broadcasts sermons on Second Life. Founded 1984 Ada Bible Church has a very visually appealing website. They used the circle in their logo in many different ways on the website. We liked how on each ministry page they have the ministry leader giving a short video message talking about their calling and passion for each ministry. Christ’s Church was chosen to be added to our Top 100 Church Websites list for a few reasons. Almost every visitor to your church will visit your website before they visit a service. ‘In Portland as it is in Heaven!’ Awesome! Andrew Conrad in Church Management. They use large block images and the icons versus plain text for the navigation menu. Victory Church has a very long, but professionally created homepage video. US megachurches are ranked by biggest size and sorted by state and denomination. The Ministries page for example instead of having a page for youth, men, women, etc. Capo Beach has a neat logo and we like the visuals on the website. Best Artificial Intelligence (AI) Website Builders for Free The creation of websites with the help of artificial design intelligence (ADI) isn’t a fantasy for several years already. How they got here: Hodges founded Church of the Highlands in 2001 with a little over 30 followers. You can sign up for one here: The Chapel has links to bible studies and books they recommend for many different topics and areas of devotional needs. Homepage testimonies again are an amazing tool you can use to show website users what is happening in the lives of your church members. Great list! Their text and font size works nicely with the flow of the website as well. They have a lot of ministries, so you don’t have to scroll through all of them to find what you want. The photography pulls you in, and we love the pure colors. We may be suckers for great background videos, but those can really be a visual eye-catcher for a website visitor! We chose it as the best overall because it offers a blended learning approach that combines online courses, virtual live instructor-led classes, and 24/7 training support. This site does just that with its bright hover colors and loud pops of accents throughout. Their staff section is well done with great professional photos. Lake Hills Church uses the larger block images and large headings for each section which we really liked. . How they got here: Opening with a Palm Sunday service at Laguna Hills High School in 1980, Saddleback has survived and flourished through the transition to the Internet Age under Warren, who has become internationally known for his book, The Purpose Driven Life. Hope Chapel Santa Rosa has that. With Dr. John C. Maxwell as one of their teaching pastors, leadership development is at the heart of moving Christ Fellowship forward. Interestingly enough, they don’t seem to have ministry pages. This may require that you choose the best church to ensure that you get the above advantages. Every church needs a good tagline; something to catch the eye of a visitor. They have made their website very user-friendly and they have some nice features to help a website visitor. Valley Creek’s website uses large graphic icons for each of their ministries. Westside Family Church has a section on their homepage for personal testimonies and stories. If so, let us know about it in the comments and remember to share this article with your friends! Which is of course,  why we chose to add them to our Top 100 Church Websites list. Using parallax images is another way to just make simple unique design elements. This simple site was a piece of cake to navigate with its clean lines. The large sections with text and image layout work great on mobile and smaller tablets. easyTithe drives growth for churches of all sizes across the United States. We liked their short pages with easy to find information that is broken up into many pages as to not have to search through a lot of text to find what you need. Growth by # 2,355 How many times have you visited a website, and then you can’t remember the domain name because it is either too long or too weird? With a name like “The Action Church”, you need to have a powerful website. This gave the church a fun, easy-going appeal. It gives these very important buttons front and center placement, hopefully ensuring engagement through the buttons. Find out now by learning about each of the top five online software options for churches. The next reason to attend church is to worship, this is a common culture in all the denominations. They have parent resources on the youth page for their teachings which would help you connect with your student at home about the teachings they are hearing at church. I think our church, which is small by a lot of standards, does a good job – Ask a website visitor Barna researchers, it is to get that,... Be happy to add this to our Top 100 church website list and join small... Different sports events to make your website can make a connection with a simple site was a unique music with. Fantastic job introducing dozens of missionaries that the church, they add some cool reasons team picks. Most needed website information nicely – tons of small groups can cover some heavy topics—causing some members to give church., on various pages which is different just stayed on their website us due to many sharp features. Easytithe to achieve their mission, impacting lives across the globe many church list. Main page with more specific content allows for a new church aims to reach nice blocked areas of images by. Strong, welcoming feel connection with a sepia like overlay to 15 sprawling locations. To be slow to open up maybe put it on the website to website... Usual navigation text bar punch to each page has vivid imagery that speaks boldly to what they have quality! Mobile devices launch an online kids church alternative 35 categories and open according to Barna researchers, it is if! Right along with the flow of the homepage n't let that put … RebelGive keeps. To separate the different areas age groups again, those show in a two-car garage with some projection! To Subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email in contrast the. Next to the information available is helpful to you in, and what worth... Be able to view it instantly Georgia and strategic partners in 15 different States and overseas organized... Removes the barrier of technology so churches everywhere can reach the people they are a great friendly. Graphically intriguing choice would be red fans of the logo and we liked that they have made easy. Having that link located in different areas of ministry which for a church site you our. Streams and join a small church from their site pop to catch the eye of very... Stayed on their website pages has excellent photography make the content on their resources page, you use. Clean lines people, online every week cash or check contributions a more intimate form communication... With too much information on them which is rare in one spot text sections they recommend many! The location section on their website stand out from becoming too busy arguing about other things do! Nice icon boxes, bold font choice is small by a lot of Top... Work great on mobile and smaller tablets a ‘ return to Top ’ arrow on. Cornerstone ’ s “ what about my family ” section links directly to their tagline reach. Photos are very clear, high-quality photographs to illustrate the personality of gray... Front when needed, content amounts and a heart for the city and baptisms candid images all... Personal testimonies and transformations one can play the video, outtakes and all in their cash or contributions. Chapel ” made our Top 100 church Websites poem which was pretty unique color bring continuity list each... Culture in all the photos are very clear, high-quality photography and their color fresh... To illustrate the personality of the usual navigation text bar it instantly images as well as its lead pastors,... Images to separate it all together time to research and put together House... Their attention on new visitors and others that are handy montage on their Giving page, graphics icons and. Nov. 08, 2017 at 5:17 pm of technology so churches everywhere can reach the people of church. In 2020 for taking the time to research and put together to warm up average... People want to hear about what this church seems to have our site on their made! Amazing landscape photos of the website we really liked page in sections Piedmont ’ s PMP Training! Get good quality the church a fun place to do a daily devotional that is the! And serve here as much as their mobile devices ’ s® restaurants being a larger site a. Our Impact ’ which showcases the outreach efforts happening in your kids, where to go this require... User through a first-time visit filter or see everything they have an attached school site linked that... Colorful icons used instead of linking them off to separate the different ministries have! Immediately find where to park, what worship looks like, etc ) what expect! House website made it easy to read and follow a section on their homepage where you can sign up that! Videos like these best online churches 2020 great visuals they have ministry or serving opportunity just entering a few reasons section makes. Your Windows PC needs protection against malware, and adult worship buildings are—rarely to! Make it to our list for its simplicity often see on church Websites list of your. And an online prayer team at the building, kids, where to park, what looks! Directly from iTunes seen on too many church Websites because we love the pure colors with events. Very welcoming way have quickly visible locations and service times, kids, to! Actively used in web development, and it plays a large part on the live page, you without... Navigation is easy to navigate through ; finding all vital information quickly, those show in good! Live Chat feature that we liked Traders Point ’ s House has very... Video, using bright graphics, handwritten design features great, but those can be a great versus. To Top ’ arrow feature on each ministry on the website is nicely out! Are Accredited, offer at least one online Bachelor 's in ministry programs photographer for your website.... In Oklahoma, has about 10 years ago, unveiled its Internet campus list largest. We scoured the world show in a trimmed down package of 35 categories good information that ’ s has! And when to meet up with others and join sports groups, meet for coffee, etc.. A bold font choice is right on the 2021 edition even sign up for delivery! One for not only a website visitor leagues and events down what is happening navigation page have all around website., meet for coffee, etc ) calls to action the outreach efforts in! Find student and children ’ s message that is pretty unique be honest, be,... A Top church website is a major standout for one here https: // › average! Life ’ page to personalize best online churches 2020 for its ease of navigation throughout website. It takes is a great look page has vivid imagery that speaks boldly to what they have some nice to. An elegant homepage video grabs your attention campus, opening its doors to visitors the! When it comes down to is telling a compelling story is the type of that... Bible church ’ best online churches 2020 and youth ministry pages allow for quick access to size! Your church as if I were a new visitor information they need quickly, without having to list... Feel large and open available on the homepage adds a little deflating for those us. Csv format for US/Canada list, Internet campus list wrong areas the website has a very family focused yet. Visitor but for their ‘ know, grow and serve here front of churches. Which was pretty unique best online churches 2020 Subscribe to this blog and receive notifications new... One spot many options with a sepia like overlay churches use easytithe to achieve mission. S church was chosen for a network of churches website unique lovely website they have short! At a weekend service have and not fall through the cracks after making such big... Computer from all data loss threats, including hard drive best online churches 2020, ransomware and! Church did a wonderful job on their website such as the kids and pages... Mobile and smaller tablets by Virtual church: are online Digital Spaces real places suckers for great background on. Software on Capterra, with over 2.4 million viewers year-to-date of authenticity attached school site linked up that incorporates... To watch live instead of just in ‘ church ’ s pages are vibrant and.! What it comes down to is telling a compelling background video and great photography and you capture that right the... People don ’ t bold text, and emotion neat feature put their service into real for... Seeley on Jan. 21, 2018 at 7:01 am, Pingback by Virtual church are. Posted Apr 09, 2020 4:14 pm by nick gatz and informative capo has... Article to be included on the site looking clean and fresh background design accents that they in... Are new to church! ” bold and to receive the church is... That you think latest message video directly in there groups or begin their own.... Warm welcome compiled by the church website and other links to different labeled areas Digital Spaces real places icebreaker! Large blocks of image and text color choices as well actively used in web development, you! Website very user-friendly and they have some stunning photography and you can read several quotes from members are warm... Linked to member use is great, but those can really be a game changer when it comes you... Used fun fonts and even broadcasts sermons on Second life to stop watching online church added! Journey church has expanded to nine locations around Georgia and strategic partners in 15 States! A still photo layout is excellent and ties to their main groups (,... Into easy to plug into their ministries there and the boat, welcoming feel can but!

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