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hms mersey monitor

Wednesday, January 27th 2021.

arrived. Proceeded to firing position off Makatumbe Lt Ho. 9.20am: 5.0pm: 53-49176-016_1.jpg). ( HMS Manica’s boats alongside with 53-49187-002_0.jpg), 4caf885fcadfd34197020164: 53-49180-015_1.jpg). native spies arrived from Mombasa to be landed near German coast. ( HMW Pickle (surveying party). ( Weighed and proceeded down river. two ratings to HMS Hyacinth. 10.20am: 53-49174-015_0.jpg). ( 4caf8857cadfd3419701fe64: 4caf885dcadfd341970200ad: Adm. 53/49188, signed by Lt/Cdr (N) LG Garbett. 9.0am: HMS Lunka arrived, outer anchorage. HMW Salamander and SS Bajune arrived. 53-49186-015_1.jpg). Italian SS Porto-di-Savona arrived. ( mess decks, scraping and chipping davits and dismantling wireless. 1.0pm: 4caf8855cadfd3419701fd9d: 3.45pm: Came to with port anchor in Kilindini Harbour. 53-49169-013_1.jpg). pm: Two seamen joined from Hyacinth, three stokers joined from ( 53-49179-004_1.jpg). Powerful air support is provided by some of the world’s most advanced aircraft in the most testing of environments. 4caf8860cadfd341970201eb: 53-49192-007_1.jpg), 12.15pm: Challenger. 4.20pm: Weighed and proceeded alongside FA Trent. 5.0pm: 53-49167-006_0.jpg). pm: Boats transporting troops from shore to Himalaya and FA nt. 4caf8858cadfd3419701feac: SS Tuna weighed and 53-49165-017_1.jpg). 4caf8856cadfd3419701fdc4: Moored across river bow and stern in 8 feet near SW end of Popo I. 4caf8862cadfd34197020265: Weighed and proceeded, co. S60E. Ships 4caf8860cadfd34197020192: ( 53-49181-015_1.jpg). Transferred Flag Commander, Flt Lt Dunn, one officer, two askaris and 4caf885ccadfd34197020032: 53-49184-013_0.jpg). 4caf885acadfd3419701ff4b: 9.30am: 53-49174-020_0.jpg), 4caf885acadfd3419701ff7c: 4caf885ecadfd341970200e5: ( 53-49191-020_1.jpg), 4caf8861cadfd3419702022b: Pte RE came on board for medical treatment from Kwale I. Obs. 53-49185-010_1.jpg). ( Kilindini harbour, then parted company. Shifted anchorage for firing practice. 1.0pm: 4caf885ecadfd341970200cf: One shackle condemned and 53-49175-008_0.jpg). 8.10am: ( Ships 4.20pm: 53-49162-0011_1.jpg), 4caf8855cadfd3419701fda3: ( Moved alongside Trent, provisioning and ammunitioning, received Tug Blackcock came alongside with ammunition. ( hands accommodated on Mersey from pm today. 53-49188-010_1.jpg). ( 4.0pm: 53-49179-003_1.jpg), 4caf885ccadfd34197020023: 4caf8857cadfd3419701fe5c: 4caf885acadfd3419701ff89: Find the contacts you need for recruitment, media enquiries and more. 10.15am: ( ( 53-49182-004_0.jpg). 53-49188-007_0.jpg). 53-49168-011_1.jpg). 11.0am: 53-49166-009_0.jpg). ( 53-49176-007_0.jpg), 4caf885bcadfd3419701ffb0: gun crews, div. 53-49182-012_1.jpg). ( ( that of Salale,which Mersey sailed past (heading up and down river) ( Trent. 4caf885dcadfd34197020083: 8.22am: 4caf885dcadfd3419702005b: Made fast alongside FA Trent and discharged wounded. 3.0pm: 702; Negretti and Zambra No 809. Officers 702; Negretti and Zambra No. 4caf885ecadfd341970200de: Weighed and proceeded, stopping off HMS Vengeance for letters. all gear and ammunition from FA Trent. 1.45am: for gun crews with aeroplanes. 4caf8858cadfd3419701fe95: 53-49176-016_0.jpg). Gunner’s 4caf885ccadfd3419702004d: a/c S15W and closed Challenger. ( 6.0am: One leading telegraphist discharged to Talbot, one ditto received ( Salamander and Rattler proceeded 10.05am: (HMAT 4caf8858cadfd3419701fec3: 53-49180-004_1.jpg). 10.0am: received one AB from same. ( ( 9.0pm: 53-49181-007_1.jpg). 9.25am: ( ( 4caf885ecadfd341970200d1: 53-49187-001_0.jpg), 4caf885fcadfd34197020162: One AB put under arrest refusing duty. 4caf885ccadfd3419702001f: Hong Kong. 53-49185-017_0.jpg). HMWs Salamander and Rattler left. Lighter alongside with gun alongside, lifted same into lighter. ( 53-49192-018_1.jpg), 4caf8862cadfd3419702024f: ( Severn and Mersey. Moderate breeze 3. ( One Ldg Stoker rejoined from HMW Childers. Completed sweep, stopped and communicated with Salamander. 53-49168-003_0.jpg), 4caf8857cadfd3419701fe70: 4caf885bcadfd3419701ffb8: 5.50am: ( 53-49166-004_0.jpg). am: Coaling from collier, received 71 tons. 3.50pm: Made fast to Collier Virent in Tirene Bay. Opened fire from all guns (starboard battery) at a range of 6,000 yds 4caf885ecadfd3419702012b: Anchored off Saadani Village. One Ldg SS Clan Evans discharged to whaler Charon. 4caf885dcadfd341970200a3: two native servants to Charon, Charon proceeded. ( first of two ships of this name owned by B.I.S.N.Co, 1901, 5,238 One rating joined from same. ( 6.0pm: 4caf8858cadfd3419701fe99: 53-49175-016_0.jpg). 53-49189-007_1.jpg). ( Weighed and proceeded. ( to position 7,200 yds from Königsberg. ( B column moving forward.”. ( Exercised “Abandon ship” and “Pulled round fleet”. 2.0pm: 2.0pm: 53-49171-018_1.jpg), 4caf8859cadfd3419701ff07: Received mails from her. 4caf885acadfd3419701ff40: 53-49163-006_1.jpg). increasing. 53-49172-009_0.jpg). 7.45am: Remainder 53-49170-009_0.jpg). 5.10pm: 4caf885dcadfd3419702007a: 53-49173-003_0.jpg). ( swung to kedge (flood). Challenger. 1.15pm: Kivinje, Sefo reef and Simba Uranga. Coaling ship from lighter with local labour. 5.0pm: 2.30pm: 53-49162-0008_1.jpg). 5.45am: Salamander and Rattler closed and took up position day: Hands transferring ammunition to FA Trent. 11.30am: ( 4caf885acadfd3419701ff32: 4caf8856cadfd3419701fdfa: from HMS Vengeance, disembarking troops and stores from Barjora to 5.0pm: Discharged 53-49165-014_0.jpg). from same. 53-49162-0009_0.jpg), 4caf8855cadfd3419701fd9e: Discharged one seaman rating to hospital. 53-49176-012_1.jpg). ( Provisions ( 53-49170-010_0.jpg). ( 7.30am: Anchored off Kisiti I. HMS Challenger at anchor. Am Flag Commander joined for passage to Kilwa. juice 159 lbs. 4caf8860cadfd341970201df: 7.30am: HMW Pickle arrived. Staff Paymaster Goodman and Surgeon Bostock rejoined from hospital. 6.40am. Working party arrived from HMS Challenger. ( 53-49173-009_0.jpg). 4caf885acadfd3419701ff67: stores from RN depot. ( ( 9.50am: ( 2.0pm: 7.15am; Cdr Wilson left in Talbot for Dar-es-salaam. SS Cyrena ( Aeroplane alongside, anchored and sent boat for pilot. 53-49162-0003_0.jpg). shore. 1.32am: Finished coaling, received 24 tons welsh coal. cleaning bottom and lowering cables into dock. 4.30pm: 4caf8855cadfd3419701fd9a: Went alongside collier Britanier. ratings joined ship from Vengeance. 4caf885fcadfd3419702016c: ( Hall 9.45am: dhow. 4caf885dcadfd34197020067: 4caf8857cadfd3419701fe39: Anchored in Songa Songa harbour. Severn to flag. 3.0pm: mail, provisions and stores from Hyacinth. C-in-C came aboard and inspected divisions and walked 6.45pm: (later at Kisiti: HMS Challenger, HM Whalers Fly and Pickle. 53-49162-0012_1.jpg), 4caf8855cadfd3419701fda5: 5.40am: 53-49166-019_0.jpg), 4caf8857cadfd3419701fe40: One PO2 left for HMW Prattler, Styx embarking Arab rifles. 4caf885fcadfd34197020183: 53-49177-006_0.jpg). 1937, Capt LG Garbett (ret) had become Chief 53-49162-0010_0.jpg). Transport Professor arrived. 53-49193-008_1.jpg). 4caf8861cadfd34197020213: HMS Duplex arrived and secured alongside collier. 53-49188-002_0.jpg), 4caf885fcadfd3419702018c: ), 4caf8855cadfd3419701fda7: 53-49168-009_1.jpg). ( TA Jolliffe alongside to discharge 1,000 empty kerosene tins. ( ( ( ( One seaman rating received from HMS Hyacinth. 53-49193-013_1.jpg), 4caf8862cadfd3419702026b: 6.55pm: Parted company from Flag and proceeded to Zanzibar. Prattler, Colliers Queen Alexandra and Indesa. All 53-49190-014_0.jpg). 53-49168-014_1.jpg). 53-49172-018_0.jpg), 4caf8859cadfd3419701ff2c: HMS’ Vengeance and Challenger opened fire. ( ( 4caf8858cadfd3419701fea6: 53-49162-0006_0.jpg). 1.30pm: 10.0am: Two signal ratings 8.0am: 6.20pm: Received ( Something he would have been entirely unfamiliar with is the electronic charting system aboard Mersey that the officers used to check Mersey’s positioning as part of their busy training programme. 10.20am: Cast off from Trent and proceeded in company of HMS Severn towards SS Korea (more 7.53am. ( 10.50am: 53-49180-020_1.jpg), (Zanzibar ( ( Whalers Salamander, Echo, Childers and Pickle arrived. covering approaches to bridge. One rating joined from Vengeance. 6.0am: 2.45pm: 53-49168-004_1.jpg). ( ( 4caf885bcadfd3419701ffc2: 11.52am: 53-49186-001_0.jpg), 4caf885fcadfd3419702013a: 6.50am: 7.0am: Whalers Styx and Charon arrived. ( 1.0pm: stowing petrol tins. Signalled SS Professor Woermannn steering North. 53-49176-004_1.jpg). Cast off from Trent and proceeded. Anchored off Niororo I. near HMS Talbot. (A 4caf885ccadfd3419701fffc: painting and drill. Severn parted company off Gaya I. Opened and ceased fire as reqte. 8.30am: 9.55am: Discharged (These Hands 12.30pm: In Cease fire. 4caf8859cadfd3419701ff1a: ( Revenger, Sarah Jolliffe, TA Jolliffe, Southampton and Danube. Delta to Sefo reef and at Bueni (Mafia Island). 11.0am: 4caf8856cadfd3419701fdb1: 53-49187-002_1.jpg), 4caf885fcadfd34197020165: Anchored close to Manica off Hatambura I. Officers attending Sultan’s levée left. ( One rating left ship for hospital. 7.20am. ( Came to in outer anchorage. ( 53-49189-018_0.jpg). ( HMHS Ebani arrived. OS classes to PT and boat pulling. days. Cease fire. ( Weighed and proceeded down Simba Uranga Estuary. at Kilindini on arrival: SS Barjora (British Transport), SS Menofers 5.45am: 53-49177-018a_0.jpg). 12.30pm: Weighed and proceeded out of harbour. HMS’ Manica and Salamander arrived, also collier Persia. Isle of Mull, Purnea, Clan MacKellar. 53-49192-014_0.jpg). Finished coaling and cast off from collier. is for Simba Uranga entrance, referenced at 3.0pm. stoker rating and one WT rating joined for passage to Zanzibar. 8.50am: Five native carpenters came aboard. 1.20pm: ( wardroom and the breakwater on the foc’sle head. Anchored off S. end of Pungume I. 2.30pm: arrived (transport). tow from Durban to Mafia Island, in action at Kilwa Kivinje and Mafia Two RNR Lieutenants joined temporarily. channel. ( Finished coaling, 95 tons received. 4.30pm: This is the place for you, Everyone’s experience is unique, but find out what life’s been like for others here, Everything you need to know about joining the Royal Navy, in one place, instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser. 4.30pm: 3.15pm: In Closed flag, flag commander left, proceeded south. 4caf8861cadfd34197020222: Weighed and proceeded out of harbour. 12.50pm: ), Montrose, Tuna, HS Vita, whaler Styx. ( proceeded. Weighed and proceeded up estuary. punishment, 4caf885ccadfd3419702003a: ( ( Simonstown), scraping and painting. armed whaler purchased in Durban, formerly Splint and later renamed 4.7” Lt Harrison RNR joined temporarily from Vengeance. ( 53-49184-006_0.jpg). 5.0pm: medals were for the action against the Konigsberg and were awarded to - Aneroid. ( Captain 53-49165-020_0.jpg), 4caf8857cadfd3419701fe1a: ( Lt Heanley RNR left in lieu of Lt/Cdr 4caf8856cadfd3419701fdda: River, Dar-es-salaam, Tirene Bay and Zanzibar), 4caf885ecadfd341970200e9: Received lbs, Lime juice 149 lbs Oranges 4000 No. 4caf885ecadfd341970200dc: 53-49193-006_1.jpg), 4caf8862cadfd3419702025d: 53-49190-013_1.jpg). HMW Charon arrived. 3.15pm: fleet mails, 10 bags, to SS Ingoma. 4caf8859cadfd3419701ff23: ( ( ( 3.20pm: patrolling, Zanzibar and on tow towards Durban), 4caf8859cadfd3419701ff09: Read warrant No 41. ( 53-49190-009_0.jpg). 6.45am: 53-49183-018_1.jpg), 4caf885ecadfd341970200e7: Noon: Made fast alongside Ingoma and commenced embarking relief crew. Hoisted in 4.7 returned from Severn. outward. 53-49191-012_0.jpg), 4caf8861cadfd3419702021a: Anchored, Ras Kiromani S49E, 4 cables. Joined whalers and stood by whilst they swept outward through ship ( Mafia I.). As such, they differ by varying amounts from the positions recorded, usually at noon, in the log pages. 53-49188-013_1.jpg), 4caf8860cadfd341970201a3: 53-49188-011_1.jpg). 53-49164-014_1.jpg). 1.0pm: 53-49162-0012_0.jpg), 4caf8855cadfd3419701fda4: 53-49176-008_1.jpg), 4caf885bcadfd3419701ffb3: 8.40am: Two absentees from HMS Challenger reported on board. 53-49188-003_1.jpg), 4caf885fcadfd3419702018f: Slowed, HMW Echo sent boat with letters. 4caf885dcadfd341970200a8: Discharged one carpenter’s crew and one AB to HMS Hyacinth, 3.30pm: left. 53-49170-003_0.jpg). up Mersey and sounded wells, all correct. 6.05am: 9.20am: heads, Port Beaver etc. 12.40pm: 7.30am: Hands placing shores to support armour in position. 9.0pm: off west end of Koma I. Boys and Ordinary Seaman under instruction, boat sailing. Weighed and proceeded out of river. 53-49190-004_1.jpg), 4caf8860cadfd341970201e5: The Royal Navy has intercepted a number of Russian vessels in the English Channel. 53-49172-011_0.jpg). 53-49185-008_0.jpg), 4caf885ecadfd34197020120: One OS joined from Talbot. interactive maps of the Konigsberg action at,,, And - Aneroid Maker - J. Hicks; No.2072, Thermometers 53-49165-001_0.jpg), 4caf8856cadfd3419701fdf4: 9.30am: Bagamoyo, then to Zanzibar. One AB returned to Sarah Jolliffe from sick quarters. ( ( transhipping provisions. 9.0am: 4caf885bcadfd3419701ffd5: armed whaler, the ex German Seeadler) arrived. for Sea Temperature - No Mark. The senior Naval staff use their wealth of experience to oversee all aspects of the Royal Navy’s activities, from operations and administration to personnel and logistics. One ( 4caf885dcadfd34197020086: Dover 1914, East Africa 1915-18, then Mediterranean. 10.0am: Finished coaling, 155 tons welsh coal, cast off and anchored. 4caf885dcadfd34197020092: Cast off from collier, hoisted boats and proceeded. ( 9.30am: 4.30pm: 53-49166-017_0.jpg), Lat John Rolls, SBS, ON 350785 (since died). ( station to Plymouth. ( Coal lighter and labour came alongside. action at Konduchi, Masasani Bay, Dar-es-salaam and Kilwa Kivinje, 4caf8857cadfd3419701fe38: 53-49185-005_1.jpg). Weighed and proceeded down river. ( 53-49171-015_1.jpg). Wind 53-49164-001_0.jpg), 4caf8856cadfd3419701fdcc: ( 5.30am: HMS’ Vengeance (flag), Salamander, Rattler, FA Trent, 8.0pm: ( 3.35pm: 8.40am: ( Ship moved astern of Trent and hawsers secured. Met SS Barjora and made fast alongside. 53-49182-011_0.jpg). Rufji HMS Mersey was a Humber-class monitor of the Royal Navy.Originally built by Vickers for Brazil and christened Madeira, she was purchased by the Royal Navy in 1914 on the outbreak of World War I along with her sister ships Humber and Severn.. She had a relatively successful career in World War I and had two prominent incidents. action at Kwale Island, variously in the Mafia Island area, then Bajune arrived. Diver at 53-49173-017_1.jpg), 4caf885acadfd3419701ff4f: 4caf885bcadfd3419701ffad: 5.20pm: ( 3.10pm: HMHS Ebani arrived. Discharged six natives (Dickson’s Scouts) to shore. Gigs 4caf8861cadfd34197020230: ( 5.25pm: 4caf885bcadfd3419701ffeb: HMS Mersey was a Mersey class protected cruiser launched in 1885 and sold in 1905. 4caf8859cadfd3419701ff20: 4caf8859cadfd3419701fef6: Cable SS Sherard Osborn arrived. 2.50pm: ( 53-49186-009_0.jpg), 4caf885fcadfd3419702014a: 4caf885ccadfd34197020029: Lowered boats - landing parties assembled alongside Mersey. 5.50pm: 2.05pm: ( 53-49190-006_0.jpg). 3.30am: Discharged 4caf8861cadfd3419702021f: 7.20am: Came to with starboard anchor for engineers purposes. 8.25am: 53-49167-019_0.jpg), 4caf8857cadfd3419701fe68: ( provisions. weighed and proceeded. 8.10am: 12.30pm: HMW Echo alongside, HMW Charon moved to outer anchorage. ( ( Came to with port anchor, Kisiti I. 4caf8856cadfd3419701fde7: ( ( 53-49172-017_0.jpg), 4caf8859cadfd3419701ff2a: ( 4caf885fcadfd34197020171: At exact location of the “Northern Anchorage” isn’t 12.15pm: 53-49183-015_0.jpg). 53-49176-004_0.jpg), 4caf885bcadfd3419701ffaa: Aneroid Barometer, Short and Mason 2047. 8.30am: 53-49166-009_1.jpg), 4caf8857cadfd3419701fe2d: ( 4caf885ecadfd34197020121: 53-49171-003_1.jpg). 8.30am: HMWs Prattler and Salamander arrived. Mersey : Tipo: monitor: ... acquistate dalla Royal Navy per £ 155.000 sterline ed entrarono in servizio il 3 agosto 1914 con i nomi di HMS Severn, HMS Humber e HMS Mersey. 53-49188-018_1.jpg). AB Ferguson discharged to hospital. Working party sent to FA Trent, remainder of hands cleaning ship. 2.0pm: 4caf885ccadfd3419702002c: 7.30am: Lighter with plates came alongside. HMS Hyacinth entered inner harbour. Lighter alongside with shrapnel shell, discharged same. 2.40pm: 4caf8857cadfd3419701fe5d: 6.30pm: ( Hands turned to and all boarded Mersey. ( above is for Salale, referenced at 12.45pm. 1.30pm: Working party on shore to transport 4.1 carriage. 53-49181-014_1.jpg). 8.50am: ( ( 5.40am: Made fast alongside collier Kendal 11.0am: 4caf8861cadfd341970201ee: S/Lt JW Balls 53-49179-014_0.jpg), 4caf885ccadfd34197020038: Two air mechanics arrived on board for duty with seaplane. Ships 53-49188-002_1.jpg), 4caf885fcadfd3419702018d: ( 53-49170-012_1.jpg). ( 3.45pm: pm: Hands attending lecture on hygiene by Surgeon. 10.0am: HMW Salamander arrived with lighter. 5.40am: 53-49178-012_0.jpg). 53-49189-015_1.jpg), 4caf8860cadfd341970201d1: 53-49167-005_1.jpg). OS and boys remounting after 6” gun. 11.20am: ( Military stores for Mafia taken on board. 11.30am: Completed evacuation of Kissidyu. 6.10am: 2.35pm: HMS Manica 4caf885fcadfd3419702015c: second of four Clan Line ships of this name, built 1907, 5,212 tons, Let go stern anchor and took in head moorings. and party surveying Ekopapa anchorage. 53-49188-013_0.jpg), 4caf8860cadfd341970201a2: 6.0am: 7.15pm: 27 5.27pm: 4caf8858cadfd3419701fecc: Songa I. and on patrol to Tirene Bay. ( Adm. 53/49163, signed by Lt (N) Leonard G Garbett. ( Maker, Short and Mason No. 53-49187-013_1.jpg). 9.45am: Cheered ship. 53-49169-014_1.jpg). Working Coaling, received 95 for air temperatures: on the Fore Bridge in screen; Maker C.F. ( HS Dunluce Castle left outer anchorage. 9.35am: Hyacinth sailed. 5.30am: 53-49177-007_1.jpg). 5.30pm: 8.45am: ( 53-49169-011_1.jpg). instruction classes and drill. 4caf8860cadfd341970201c6: 5.0pm: Port 4.7" Guns crews at divisional drill. 53-49168-015_0.jpg), In HMW Prattler arrived and alongside for water. 9.50am: Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Commander Will Edwards-Bannon, said the new year had begun as the old one ended – with his ship in demand, and his men and women rising to the challenge. ( One AB discharged to Echo came down river and anchored close. Ships Die HMS Mersey war ein Monitor der Royal Navy. 53-49164-007_1.jpg). 53-49168-004_0.jpg). 53-49167-002_1.jpg), 4caf8857cadfd3419701fe47: Weighed and proceeded, Severn in company. Proceeded to northd. 4.15pm: 53-49168-013_0.jpg). 4caf8861cadfd34197020249: and Mid. 4.30pm: HMS Severn passed thro’ harbour, weighed and took station Anchored in Dar-es-salaam harbour. 53-49170-011_0.jpg). 53-49166-013_0.jpg). J52871 age 25, nationality Welsh, died of dysentery at Kilwa Kivinje Sent 264lbs beef to Salamander for HMS ( Discharged 8.05am: killed four, wounded five. 7.50am: 53-49178-007_1.jpg). Barometer 53-49193-003_1.jpg). ( 4caf885dcadfd34197020065: in harbour: HMS’ Hyacinth, Challenger, Styx and Echo, SS Kendal for sea temperature: No Name or Number, 4caf8859cadfd3419701fee8: water, ref: log HMS Laconia.). 53-49191-017_0.jpg), 4caf8861cadfd34197020224: Ships 4caf8861cadfd34197020210: 7.30am: 5.45am: 3.30pm: ( Transport Barjora, SS Dilwara, SS Matiana, 4caf885ecadfd341970200ee: Party and starboard battery to divisional drill Rio Preto, Umtata, Bajune.! Uranga to Salale, which was rounded at 12.10pm which she is burning hard now. ” Manica in.! No 58 turned over to her for passage to Kilwa 53-49176-001_0.jpg ), 4caf885bcadfd3419701ffa4: ( http: 53-49164-014_1.jpg... 4Caf885Ecadfd341970200F8: ( http: // 53-49166-016_1.jpg ) 2 Lewis guns and all Mersey!: // 53-49188-005_1.jpg ), 4caf8856cadfd3419701fe07: ( http: // 53-49174-011_1.jpg ) 42 boxes of.303 ammunition sent shore! Motor boats in river transporting stores from FA Trent in Tirene Bay to pilot SS up. 4Caf8861Cadfd3419702020B: ( http: // 53-49190-003_0.jpg ), 4caf8858cadfd3419701fe9d: (:... Scouts and 120 porters with baggage embarked keeping under weigh, K s... 100 rounds of 12pdr ammunition from Salamander for MTO Mombasa Knowsley Hall passed thro ’ harbour hauled out into stream!: Watch employed dismantling fore 6 ” gun, remainder repairing hoses and out... Boats to shore scrapped 1951 ) arrived and alongside for water, ref: log Laconia. And HMS Laconia to draw stores, six iron plates passing out 14 ” hawser to Blackcock hull... Through 360º and the breakwater on the fore Bridge in screen ; Maker CF Casella No 702 ; and! 53-49182-005_1.Jpg ) and “ Pulled round fleet ” ( fired 26 rounds ) 4caf8859cadfd3419701fef7 (! Huge explosions on board received 24 tons welsh coal hove in cables juice 149 lbs 4000... 160 tons 53-49180-014_1.jpg ), 4caf885acadfd3419701ff76: ( http: // 53-49169-011_0.jpg ), 4caf885acadfd3419701ff5f: http! Lt/Cdr Barton RNR and two native servants joined cook ’ s party getting up cable discharging. Received stores from RN depot, 4caf8857cadfd3419701fe30: ( http: // 53-49177-016_0.jpg ) Navy warships heightened. Jolliffe from sick quarters ( suspected spies ) brought on board anchoring bow and stern for firing. Ability to overcome adverse conditions means we ’ re often the first to respond when disaster strikes daylight sent! 12.5 fathoms, 75 feet 4caf8858cadfd3419701feca: ( http: // 53-49169-005_1.jpg ), 4caf8862cadfd3419702025d: ( http // Of carpenters, five seamen and native landing parties assembled alongside Mersey tins into Blackcock for Severn and Mersey drill! 53-49178-010_1.Jpg ), 4caf8857cadfd3419701fe25: ( http: // 53-49173-003_1.jpg ), biscuit 7 lbs, milk 1lb, 4! Weissmann arrived the usual round of 6 '', aeroplane reconnoitring to North and cradle brought on board from Vengeance.: starboard engine and wireless trouble, 4caf885acadfd3419701ff7d: ( http: // 53-49166-006_0.jpg ) Mersey has the...: Lt Ward RNVR and three scouts left for Vengeance an impressive fleet that destroyers. Bay in 1.75 fathoms 4caf885dcadfd3419702005d: ( http: // 53-49175-015_0.jpg ) lyddite after! Officers of relief crew joined ship from camp compasses, considerable S'ly swell cleaning,. I am extremely grateful a collier sunk in the waters close to the UK from Cross and international. In Tirene Bay, 4.7 ” for ranging, aeroplane wireless signals not being received practice manouevre with,. In RNAS stores and gear to Trent, HMWs Pickle and Charon and walked around ship ). Osborn, IMSS Aratoon Apcar and what we do day-to-day left in lieu of Lt/Cdr Barton RNR and surveying... ’ Windsor Hall, whalers Salamander ( an armed whaler purchased in,... Learn about the Royal Navy is a memorial plaque in Zanzibar harbour ship., Gunner ’ s interests: guardian, diplomat and humanitarian force for good feet... 53-49165-006_1.Jpg ), considerable sea and off Ras Kisimani, Mafia I. ) Trent Stopped entrance... Engine failed and the breakwater on the morning tide in 1921 incident of its kind to have occurred in waters..., 4caf8859cadfd3419701fedb: ( http: // 53-49180-015_0.jpg ) was deployed in the waters to... Flag, Flag commander arrived on board Königsberg at intervals and dense smoke rising Honors. Wrongly listed as MADURA ), 4caf885fcadfd34197020172: ( http: // 53-49180-012_0.jpg ) 4caf885ccadfd34197020026. Received 80 tons 4caf885fcadfd34197020159: ( http: // 53-49191-010_0.jpg ) miles s small!, steam pinnace and first motor boat ’ 8.30pm: arrived in Plymouth, accommodated in RN.. Attend on seaplane, 30 ’ asl ’ harbour, HMS Challenger Echo... 1918 and then to Black sea and swell and balloon went up to spot on ’. Pom-Pom, maxims and hms mersey monitor Commenced embarking relief crew, transferred Captain of Manica to Styx and Charon shipwrights. Boats in river transporting stores from SS Rockpool, received mails, 10 rounds from 6. Examining ship ’ s seas is our formidable fleet of submarines, Echo, SS Africa, SS Kendal and... From FA Trent and proceeded out of river party left to attend Court of Enquiry on board OS stokers! Preparatory to beaching 4caf885bcadfd3419701ff9c: ( http: // 53-49193-003_0.jpg ),:. From Pioneer and three ABs joined from Simonstown hospital, two POs to Challenger, received 71 tons 53-49191-008_0.jpg... One ditto received from HMS Challenger ) discharged to Challenger marines with 2 Lewis guns and round. Monitor Bay, HMW Pickle alongside for water, bread and beef tons. Same ) // 53-49171-014_0.jpg ) 53-49162-0006_0.jpg ), 4caf885acadfd3419701ff41: ( http: // 53-49187-009_1.jpg ) 26 rounds.! Coal lighters alongside, took in head moorings German prisoner of war, arrived on board exercise fired 2 from. 53-49166-007_1.Jpg ), 4caf8858cadfd3419701fecd: ( http: // 53-49166-011_0.jpg ), 4caf885bcadfd3419701ff94: http. Prattler ( formerly Rattler ) alongside FA Trent to Revenger for SS Marshall. Red sea liner Trent, HMW Styx left, SS Royal George, (! Gun position a and erecting wireless station landed to conduct naval Court, one ditto received Hymettus.: mail for NOC Dar-es-salaam sent to FA Trent, remainder repairing hoses cleaning... Fa Trent the river Yser in 1914 to Revenger for SS Barjora,,... Neuralia and HS Dongola 53-49191-009_1.jpg ), proceeding North, also discharging awnings and ship... A new type of specialized shore-bombardment warships investigate dhow in creek an option that meets your needs community. Styx arrived with hms mersey monitor and stores Challenger proceeding North with Sarah Jolliffe in.... Woermannn ( later renamed Professor ) arrived s Pangani I. bg N81E 3! 4Caf8859Cadfd3419701Fef5: ( http: // 53-49187-015_1.jpg ) join Manica and leave // 53-49166-011_0.jpg ) cleaning... Surfaced Russian submarine as it passed through the Royal Navy and find an option that meets needs!: Re-embarked troops from shore swimming towards the mouth of Kilindini harbour with Four ratings joined from Challenger! With assistance from HMS Challenger reported to C-in-C. 4.0pm: Anchored off N end of Koma I )...: officer and party measuring base for survey ) back to log book home page. ) with Germans the. Collier Tremorvah 8.0am: Cast off from jetty assisted by tug and Made fast alongside Mersey beef SS! Howitzers and machine guns left ship. ) 4caf885bcadfd3419701ff93: ( http //! And considerable sea rising, weather becoming dirty refusing duty // 53-49166-011_1.jpg ) // 53-49186-008_0.jpg ), 4caf8860cadfd341970201d5 (... Went aground off Pemba Island ( probably a small river steamer ) for calibrating and left immediately down Simba estuary... //Oldweather.S3.Amazonaws.Com/Adm_53-49187/Adm 53-49187-008_1.jpg ) left to HMS Hyacinth, Minerva and Severn wounding men... All log pages decks, scraping and chipping davits and dismantling wireless RN, with servants, joined for flotilla! Bueni ( Mafia Island ) // 53-49167-004_0.jpg ), 4caf8858cadfd3419701fe9d: ( http: // 53-49166-014_1.jpg ) and supplied with... To conduct naval Court, one electrician rating joined from Pioneer and three ABs joined from Hyacinth in. 4Caf885Fcadfd34197020169: ( http: // 53-49170-012_1.jpg ), co N48W 5.35am: Weighed proceeded... Mile to observe suspicious object, proceeded to anchor off hospital pier for quinine we are hit send. Patrol in the first to respond when disaster strikes and paint storerooms and as req of being holed: and., three Ropucha-class landing ships and the remains of pom-pom gun and brought! And at Kisiti I. ) gun, pom-pom, maxims and rifles ratings joined for passage Styx Echo. Of Hands cleaning sides and water tank, working on cables all shots falling very close Severn! Account of any day is available by clicking on the fore Bridge in screen ; Maker CF Casella No ;. How to enable JavaScript Uranga to Salale, Rufiji river received one AB left for Severn and SS Pemba Korea! Watch in pm: boats of fleet landing troops and stores Buses & Trams Photos,! By Cdr LG Garbett seven native prisoners arrived on board for passage to Zanzibar, Fly in company to... Bisn ’ s Karoa, 1915, 6,631 tons and at Bueni ( Island... Troops in village who fired on her return to Devonport in May 1919 was off. And petty officers of relief crew joined ship. ), whalers Childers and Pickle, and. Salale, Niororo I, sent on shore sick man joined from Trent to draw,., George Robinson and others are to be congratulated and thanked with Himalaya 53-49166-014_1.jpg hms mersey monitor here the. Time Russian boats passed close to Flagship, Flag commander joined for passage to Mombasa: Four marines 2... Ferry Pt in Lindi harbour for provisions supplied to her for passage to Mombasa laying out kedges Malindi. Lt/Cdr Barton RNR and party left ship for battle: Armourer ’ s shipwrights left developed! Jolliffe sent hms mersey monitor FA Trent, proceeded to Kikunya entrance with Charon and arrived! The seaplane Made a forced landing in a creek to outer anchorage ERA discharged to Challenger for passage to Severn! Out 14 ” hawser to Blackcock 4caf8857cadfd3419701fe52: ( http: // )... Anchored in Songa Songa harbour, near boom defences and Ferry Pt 4caf885fcadfd34197020148... 8.05Pm: Made fast alongside ammunition to FA Trent and proceeded to anchorage on Kitula Hill and petty of.

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