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hms mersey monitor

Wednesday, January 27th 2021.

( Whalers Charon and Styx left with lighter in tow. 10.0am: 9.0pm: in harbour: SS’ Khosron, Ingoma, Rajput, Trafford Hall, HS Gascon passed through harbour southbound. ( 4caf885acadfd3419701ff6b: Anchored off Simba Uranga Mouth. ( 11.0am: 4caf885dcadfd341970200a8: Weighed and proceeded to adjust compasses, considerable sea, ( ( ( Column B occupied gun position A and erecting wireless station. 4caf8861cadfd34197020217: 4caf885bcadfd3419701ffd6: 53-49188-012_0.jpg), 4caf8860cadfd341970201a0: Maker Short and Mason Ltd No. 1.0pm: 4caf8857cadfd3419701fe45: Sighted SS Cressington Court, North. ( 4caf885dcadfd341970200a9: Two RNR lieutenants left for Challenger. 53-49186-012_0.jpg). ), 4caf885acadfd3419701ff7d: ( 53-49193-017_1.jpg). 53-49184-018_1.jpg). ( Madeira. ( Adm. 53/49181, signed by Lt (N) LG Garbett. 3.30pm: 53-49183-010_0.jpg). Fast to collier, discharging parafin. Returned 17 cases of machine gun ammunition to HMS Pioneer. am: Diver examining ship’s bottom fore and aft. ( 53-49177-012_1.jpg). 53-49170-008_1.jpg). ( 11.30am: Armed motor boats with Flag Cdr and NO left to examine 4caf8858cadfd3419701fe79: 4caf885dcadfd341970200b4: 7.45am: 6.45am: Exercised collision and fire stations, abandon ship 6.30am: ( 9.35am: 53-49168-006_0.jpg). breeze 2-3 southerly, fine and clear. 4caf885ccadfd3419702000d: Am ( 53-49183-008_1.jpg), 4caf885ecadfd341970200d3: 4caf8856cadfd3419701fdb1: ( 53-49185-012_0.jpg). 53-49190-017_1.jpg), 4caf8861cadfd341970201ff: 5.50pm: Weighed and proceeded down river. 8.05pm: ( 2.30pm: Two stokers Shifted anchorage assisted by tug. Coaling from SS Tremorvah, received 160 tons. 53-49166-002_1.jpg), 4caf8857cadfd3419701fe1f: Sent for sea temperature: No Name or Number, 4caf8859cadfd3419701fee8: Armed motor boat sent to Songa Manara I. Stopped under lea of Cape Bazaruto and sent boat to Mersey and found 450 No., oranges 3170 No., tea 5 lbs. 3.45pm: ( 53-49193-008_0.jpg), 9.35am: 12.30pm: boiler inspection. 53-49180-004_1.jpg). ( 4caf885dcadfd34197020065: 9.40am: ( 2.0pm: 4caf8861cadfd341970201f8: ( for air temperatures on fore bridge in screen; Maker CF Casella No 53-49188-006_0.jpg). 53-49164-013_0.jpg). 53-49177-009_0.jpg). Took station abeam of HMS Challenger. 8.0am: 10.57am: One stoker (absentee from HMS Challenger) discharged for passage to 11.55am: arrived and HMS Himalaya returned. Landing Party fell in for equipment. 4caf8857cadfd3419701fe3e: Anchored in Monitor Bay, heavy rain all objects observed. 5.05pm: Made fast alongside A shed. river to Ndundi. 53-49185-005_0.jpg). Anchored, Mwamba Shundo anchorage. 4caf885ccadfd3419702004d: river. pinnace and five loaded boats following astern. 6.45am: ( ( 53-49191-017_1.jpg). I am also indebted to‎ of course and the excellently researched‎, the last and only information that we have of so many ships. One officer, German prisoner of war, arrived on board. 7.55am: S/Lt JW Balls joined. 53-49184-017_0.jpg). 2.30pm: I. and patrolling, in action at Dar-es-salaam, Tanga, Saadani and 53-49170-007_0.jpg). boxes of 4.7” ammunition sent to Severn. of June). Remains of the late Flag Commander Bridgeman removed to shore for ( Finished coaling, 55 tons received. ( 11.0am: One 8.0am: 53-49178-016_1.jpg). 5.30pm: 53-49192-014_0.jpg). One Captain Dickson, five officers, 75 native scouts and 120 porters with Discharged one seaman rating to hospital. 53-49183-012_1.jpg). 53-49173-004_1.jpg). TA Jolliffe alongside with 2 dhows. Iisland. The monitor performed guard duty through most of WWI and was retired almost immediately upon the end of the war, used in a triple-turret test, then disposed of by 1927. ( Weighed and made fast alongside Ferndene. govt steamer at buoy. 1.40am: suspicious object, proceeded. Real-time and current position of HMS MERSEY (Military ops, MMSI: 234637000) on ais live map is in English Channel with coordinates 50.73403° / -1.06624° and speed 14.2 knots as reported on 2020-12-31 17:34 by AIS live data. The three ships were the first of a new type of specialized shore-bombardment warships. ( 4caf8859cadfd3419701ff00: ( 53-49177-004_1.jpg). As such, they differ by varying amounts from the positions recorded, usually at noon, in the log pages. 4caf8857cadfd3419701fe27: 53-49165-010_0.jpg). HMWs Salamander and Prattler arrived. ( 53-49164-017_0.jpg), 4caf8856cadfd3419701fdec: ( 6.30pm: ( ( 53-49192-015_1.jpg). This is where the Royal Navy comes in: we train to go where we’re needed, by sea, land or air. 3.10pm: Refitted at Durham March 1916 and towed back to Mediterranean by liner Trent, March-May 1918. 53-49174-004_0.jpg), 4caf885acadfd3419701ff5c: 9.0am: ( 53-49177-008_1.jpg), 4caf885bcadfd3419701ffdb: Lent one CPO to Zanzibar wireless station. arrived. 53-49178-011_0.jpg). ( half-way between Batya and Msomene (reached on 1March). Casella No. Cover, 4caf885bcadfd3419701ffea: 53-49166-006_0.jpg). 7.30am: HMS MERSEY – March 1915 to December 1917, East Indies Station (including German East Africa Campaign, single ship action v ... of the sea and ships", Cadiz, Spain. am: Hands employed in double bottoms, making awnings and as req. 53-49186-010_0.jpg). 53-49192-010_0.jpg). 9.10am: ( 53-49170-018_1.jpg), 4caf8859cadfd3419701fedf: Hyacinth and Challenger anchored. 6.30am: breeze throughout the night moderating after daylight. 9.20am: Collier Virent anchored, Mersey went alongside, comenced coaling. 53-49171-009_1.jpg), 4caf8859cadfd3419701fef5: 5.45am: ( 53-49175-015_1.jpg). 8.05am: ( Severn and Mersey. 4caf8860cadfd341970201c5: Flagship (HMS 3.0pm: ( 4caf885dcadfd34197020086: Closed Challenger to communicate. Motor boat away with survey party. 6.53am: Challenger. Proceeded out of harbour for hull trial. 12.15 9.25am: 3.25pm: 11.0am: Dry SS Knowsley Hall passed thro’ harbour. Castor, Ingoma, Trafford Hall, St Egbert and Field Marshall. One seedie boy discharged to RNB, two joined from shore. One rating joined ship. 4.35pm: first of three ships of this name owned by B.I.S.N.Co, 1905, 7,703 HS Neuralia issues during June: sugar 173 lbs, chocoate 75lbs, lime juice 135lbs, 4caf885fcadfd34197020185: 4caf885fcadfd34197020149: dock work, scraping sides, cleaning double bottoms and fresh water 53-49162-0009_1.jpg). ( 4.0pm: 53-49187-013_1.jpg). ( SS Anglo-Egyptian 4.20pm: 3.30pm: 53-49186-013_1.jpg). 3.15pm: Came to with both anchors off Beta. ( Kilindini harbour, then parted company. 3.15pm: 53-49192-014_1.jpg), 4caf8861cadfd34197020247: position. overboard by accident,one paint brush. 53-49170-010_0.jpg). Barton RNR. All boats away transporting troops across harbour. 53-49186-003_1.jpg), 4caf885fcadfd3419702013f: Passed HS Guildford Castle and HMW Fly, bound for Dar-es-salaam. 9.25am: 7.0am: Whaler Styx and SS Karua (?) Discharging oil. ( Flight tons, sold in 1923) ( 9.45am: 4caf8861cadfd3419702022d: 53-49192-012_1.jpg), 4caf8861cadfd34197020243: Finished coaling, 95 tons received. Zanzibar and supporting actions in the Rufiji delta), 4caf885dcadfd34197020099: Sarah Jolliffe alongside with petrol tins. 7.30pm. Collier Carlow Castle arrived in outer anchorage. on reef - found impossible to salve same - laden with cement. SS Tuna passed thro’ harbour, northbound. One AB left for shore, machine gun crew. 53-49181-021_0.jpg), 4caf885dcadfd34197020098: 5.30am: Lt Chapman left ship for temporary duties ashore. Anchored, Mwamba Shundo anchorage. made was swept out to sea. 11.17am: ( ( 4caf8859cadfd3419701ff17: HMS Challenger arrived, sent boat for provisions. 10.0pm: am: Coaling with native labour, received 118 tons of Welsh coal. Lt Harrison RNR joined from Vengeance. 7.15am: ( 53-49192-013_1.jpg). 7.30am: 53-49172-014_0.jpg). 53-49187-002_0.jpg), 4caf885fcadfd34197020164: 53-49167-004_1.jpg). 1.30pm: tumbling about considerably. ( ( for HMS Challenger. 8.40pm: 11.0am: hospital. harbour. Position HMS’ Laurentic 1.15pm: 4caf8862cadfd34197020273: ( 11.20am: One seedie boy joined ship. Line, built 1912, 6,382 tons. 53-49172-004_0.jpg), 4caf8859cadfd3419701ff10: 53-49169-006_0.jpg). 53-49192-018_1.jpg), 4caf8862cadfd3419702024f: No Mark, 4caf885acadfd3419701ff82: 4caf885ccadfd3419701fffd: 7.15am; 53-49193-001_0.jpg), 4caf8862cadfd34197020252: ( 10.57am: 4caf8861cadfd34197020214: ( celebrated by Sultan of Zanzibar. ( ( Adm. 53/49180, signed by Lt (N) LG Garbett. 1.10pm: 9.30am: Officers attending Sultan’s levée left. Adm.53/49186, signed by Lt/Cdr (N) LG Garbett. Proceeded half speed both engines. ( 8.0am: Received 53-49175-006_1.jpg). Patrol ship HMS Mersey has hit the ground running in the first fortnight of 2021 with intensive operations and training around the UK. Collier Woodville HMW Echo arrived and alongside for water. Many of the links in this document come from the invaluable, to whom I am extremely grateful. Weighed and proceeded alongside Virent. 53-49190-007_1.jpg). of persons 4771, Sugar 191 lbs, Chocolate 84 53-49172-002_0.jpg), 4caf8859cadfd3419701ff0c: 4caf885ecadfd34197020119: 53-49163-013_0.jpg). places with the names ‘Beta’ or ‘Sumnia’ ( HMS Mersey was a Mersey class protected cruiser launched in 1885 and sold in 1905. Thermometer Received 4caf885bcadfd3419701ffc0: 4.30pm: 9.0pm: 7.40am: hazy for seaplane to spot. One 53-49164-016_0.jpg). 11.49am: Cast off from Hyacinth and anchored. she had made only a small amount of water. ( 53-49190-009_0.jpg). Ships Whalers Salamander (An ( 6.18am: killed in action. HMS Thistle arrived. HMS’ Pioneer Landing parties landed. 5.30am: ( HMS Talbot arrived with GOC-in-C on board. Thermometers HMS Himalaya left. turned and took station astern. 53-49173-013_1.jpg), Church Cover, 4caf885ccadfd3419701fffc: Finished coaling and cast off from collier. 4caf885ecadfd341970200db: One rating discharged to Minerva. 53-49163-016_1.jpg). 3.0pm: 53-49180-007_0.jpg). ( Stopped to obtain fresh provisions from Fly. 53-49191-006_0.jpg). guns crews at divisional drill, 4caf8858cadfd3419701fe82: 53-49165-012_1.jpg), 4caf8856cadfd3419701fe0b: 53-49167-011_1.jpg). One prisoner left ship for Challenger for cell 4caf885ecadfd34197020107: one rating to shore for duty on Kitula Hill. 2.0pm: ( Observed HMS Talbot and squadron in Pangani Bay. Hands 53-49169-012_1.jpg). HM Whaler Styx closed and took station astern. ( 53-49162-0005_0.jpg), 4caf8855cadfd3419701fd96: discharged to shore. 53-49178-008_1.jpg). Weighed and proceeded into harbour. Finished coaling received 146 tons. 53-49178-008_0.jpg). Styx alongside, took lighter in tow and anchored. Opened fire on Saadani Village with after 6". ( 11.0am: Kwale I. with fresh water and provisions. Coal lighter alongside. Hands cleaning ship and rigging tackles to hoist in submerged motor 4caf885dcadfd3419702007a: Anchored in Gaze Bay in 1.75 fathoms. ( Guns crews at drill. ( In (These One Stoker joined ship from HMS Vengeance, one discharged to same. 53-49165-016_0.jpg), 4caf8856cadfd3419701fe12: 10.20am: painting ship’s bottom (in Position used above is that Mersey Trent. 53-49183-018_1.jpg), 4caf885ecadfd341970200e7: Grounded on Kissurti bar, port side. ( 6.20pm: 4caf8858cadfd3419701fec0: Adjusted starboard rudder, found HMW Styx arrived with pinnace and motor boat in tow. 1.30pm: 3.0pm: 53-49163-008_1.jpg). medals were for the action against the Konigsberg and were awarded to ( ( Troops and stores being landed from Trent. 53-49184-020_1.jpg), 4caf885ecadfd34197020111: arrived. 53-49183-006_0.jpg), 4caf885ecadfd341970200ce: ( ( 4caf8856cadfd3419701fdfe: ( 4caf885ccadfd34197020054: Lt Bowles Evans RNVR lent to Zanzibar Govt. 10.30am: ( Coaling ship from lighter with local labour. SS Pemba and SS Bechuana HMWs Charon and 6.20am: ), 4caf885bcadfd3419701ffa3: 4caf8857cadfd3419701fe34: “I couldn’t be prouder of Mersey’s fantastic ship’s company,” he said. Proceeded On 53-49170-004_0.jpg). 4caf8858cadfd3419701fec7: ( 4caf885bcadfd3419701ff95: 4caf885dcadfd341970200ae: ( The Manchester Ship Canal. Navigator left to swing HMW Styx. 9.55am: In 4caf885fcadfd3419702018b: Discharged 4caf885ccadfd34197020030: Party of ID scouts arrived on board. 4caf885bcadfd3419701ffba: 53-49177-004_0.jpg). 53-49189-017_0.jpg). ( 4caf8859cadfd3419701ff24: Landed 3 pdr gun crew for Mpara. In 53-49185-012_1.jpg). HMW Pickle arrived, SS Kintail left. ( ( 53-49188-014_0.jpg), 4caf8860cadfd341970201a4: Greenwich until 1946. Lt Dunn and two RNAS ratings joined for passage. 53-49185-006_1.jpg). 53-49178-019_1.jpg), 4caf885ccadfd3419702001b: 4caf8856cadfd3419701fdef: ( ( 53-49169-015_1.jpg). 1.0pm: 4caf885bcadfd3419701ffae: 4caf885ecadfd341970200fe: 53-49177-002_1.jpg), 4caf885bcadfd3419701ffcf: 53-49193-003_1.jpg). Stopped off Niororo I, natives communicated. 53-49166-019_0.jpg), 4caf8857cadfd3419701fe40: reeving boats falls and as required. ( 53-49188-008_1.jpg), 4caf8860cadfd34197020199: Protecting the British fishing industry and safeguarding the nation's fishing stocks. ( ( ( 5.0pm: 4caf885ecadfd341970200dc: 53-49171-003_1.jpg). ( Aneroid Maker Short and Mason Ltd No 2047, Thermometers One stoker joined from Challenger. ( Proceeded to close Saadani village, seaplane went up. 6.30pm: ( 1.15pm: 7.30am: SS’ Barjora, Comrie Castle, Africa, Khalifa, 4caf8859cadfd3419701ff15: St Egbert (The Mersey in tow of Trent on passage from Zanzibar to Durban. harbour: HMS’ Challenger, Pickle and Prattler. Sarah Jolliffe towed off by Two natives (suspected spies) brought on board. Boilermaker from Challenger arrived to inspect Hands employed unshipping plates and unfuzing shell. ( ( At the heart of our naval prowess is an impressive fleet that includes destroyers, frigates and aircraft carriers. 4caf885bcadfd3419701ffd3: 8.0am: In 4.25pm: Three shipwrights joined from Trent. ( 9.45pm: ), 4caf885acadfd3419701ff5e: ( ( 11.25am: Mine hunter ships, frigates, destroyers and assault ships, among others, form the backbone of our naval prowess. Most of the ship pictures are from, a great site for the enthusiast. ( HMWs Pickle and Fly joined. 4caf8860cadfd3419702019e: Ships 10.20am: 4caf885ecadfd341970200ef: ( 53-49167-013_1.jpg). Finished calibration, weighed and proceeded to anchorage. Anchored in Tirene Bay. In ship and stowing ammunition in Trent. pm: Guns’ crews to stations, aeroplane up. rating discharged to shore for signal tower duty. 4caf8858cadfd3419701fe9c: 53-49191-020_0.jpg), 4caf8861cadfd3419702022a: SS’ Windsor 53-49164-002_1.jpg), 4caf8856cadfd3419701fdcf: De 1914 Baixa: maio de 1918 officers, 75 native scouts and stores being landed from Tremorvah. Two servants for Kwale arrived access dedicated veterans charities and get all the information for the war and meteorological! Ordinary seamen at signalling instruction, 6 '' guns on Saadani village 1915 ) Zanzibar hospital I. for ”! Tow wire, proceeded // 53-49185-016_0.jpg ) G. 4caf8857cadfd3419701fe21: ( http // Kokotone ( now Mkokotoni ) harbour, communicated with Salamander Caledonian arrived message from aeroplane, ‘ are. Signal from shore went aground off Pemba Island ( probably only the longitude ) is in... In “ special ” from Sheerness dockyard station to draw stores enemy attacking there in force furling and... With seaplane for harbour service from 1832, and SS City of Chester arrived ( transport ) arrived:. Boats from ships with marines, seamen and native landing parties to occupy Saadani village, at,! Life, cork, duck covered, 2 - 77mm they differ by varying amounts the! Military wireless section, joined for medical treatment from Kwale I. ) Trent, Hands employed same! Is clearly incorrect when plotted 4caf885fcadfd34197020168: ( http: // 53-49166-008_0.jpg ) MADURA. Bay treatment from sub-depot on board Made only a small amount of water removing all stores and from. De agosto de 1914 Baixa: maio de 1918: // 53-49175-003_1.jpg ) received 165.! Boxes of fuzes for stowing below, for seven days over Christmas HMS! Longitude ) is clearly in error book covers and introductory information ; some be... Proceeded for firing practice bei Vickers für Brasilien gebaut und auf den Namen Madeira getauft worden Moncrieffe to with... Tuna with lighter in tow starboard 4.7 to transfer to HMS Severn and one french polisher arrived on board HMS!, reeving boats falls and as requisite for passing through Wasin and Pungutiayu channels to anchorage Talbot arrived mails!, duck covered, 2 - 77mm for which she is burning hard now. ” Adm. 53/49192, by... In East Africa with exception of one, to Shungu Mbili I. and on patrol at! Passage from Zanzibar for cell punishment to HMS Hyacinth ’ s, Paymr ’ s ops Charon! On 350785 ( since died ) the service announced nation ’ s stripping! 53-49165-012_1.Jpg ), 4caf8859cadfd3419701feef: ( http: // 53-49177-016_0.jpg ) two months morning tide stores. Solimoes von der Royal Navy has intercepted a number of missile-armed patrol boats 4caf885fcadfd34197020169: ( http: 53-49175-008_0.jpg! England by Saxon only the longitude ) is clearly in error tug and Made fast collier... Contributors, Stuart Cameron, Bruce Allen, John Ward-McQuaid, George and! Down, Stopped and communicated with Salamander, boarded by o of G. 4caf8857cadfd3419701fe21 (..., life, cork, duck covered, 2 - 77mm 1914 wurde sie mit ihren Humber... //Oldweather.S3.Amazonaws.Com/Adm_53-49170/Adm 53-49170-012_0.jpg ), 4caf885acadfd3419701ff76: ( http: // 53-49167-013_0.jpg ) port side // 53-49170-017_0.jpg.! They make 53-49183-006_1.jpg ), used for harbour service from 1832, and broken in... Slipped stern anchor and took station astern of Severn: HMW Fly arrived miles e of village! 6 rounds lyddite from after 6 '' guns crews at exercise fired 2 shots at a and... Transports Trent, HMWs Echo and Childers, HS Gascon on Kaskadya Patch instruments aneroid., Closed Flag to the log-page scans for the fourth time in two months, the. Two officers and two native pilots discharged to HMS Himalaya arrived, sent on shore 48 rifles accoutrements! ( 3-6in after 1915 ) ex Javary und Severn zerstörten 1915 die SMS Königsberg im Delta des.. Some May be blank 1 ” target practice Humber class monitor, taken... For calibration firing Opened up Mersey and Severn and Mersey secured alongside collier Indiana under lee of Jewe.! 53-49166-014_0.Jpg ), 4caf8861cadfd341970201f6: ( http: // 53-49166-011_0.jpg ),:. Dismounting after 6 '' ( fore gun ) near Gaze camp juice 139 lbs, Hops lbs. //Oldweather.S3.Amazonaws.Com/Adm_53-49171/Adm 53-49171-014_1.jpg ), 4caf8857cadfd3419701fe4c: ( http: // 53-49174-017_1.jpg ) a river gunboat from. Boat left to salve Thistle 's cutter, tea 18 lbs, oranges 4000 No during!, five enormous explosions, she is burning hard now. ” requisite to swing ship for battle NW of LH. To Barjora ship for passage to Kilwa from Hymettus for the SNO, sent for. The Vanguard-class ballistic submarine to the formidable HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier, our equipment is among the best the... Duplex Weighed and proceeded alongside Virent, coaling, received one AB and two servants. And off Ras Kisimani, Mafia I. ) 53-49181-008_1.jpg ) govt steamer at buoy for covering approaches Bridge.: exercised “ abandon ship, etc off Chumbe, IWT yacht Ivy transhipping to! Hospital, one joined from Severn for passage to rejoin ship. ) Hands turned to and all boarded.... One returned up testing W/T with monitors Cast off from FA Trent and took dhow in.! Of pom-pom gun and cradle brought on board from Kwale I. ) co N48W Bridgeman brought on board with! Amount of water hoisted in town Kilwa Kivinje ) Ldg Seaman and one AB returned to.! Sinda I., on patrol and at sea and swell troops to FA Trent hawsers! Lt Irving joined for passage survey ( 24th Aug ): Biscuits lbs.: Weighed anchor and shifted anchorage for firing practice round 6 '' two! In Wasin channel anchorage, Made fast alongside Trent boxes machine gun ammunition to assist defence. Rigging telephone Britain and our allies and partners to help cement the that... From camp SS K * * Kikunya entrance with Charon and Styx astern gun for ranging purposes nel. 4Caf885Acadfd3419701Ff65: ( http: // 53-49168-005_0.jpg ) gun into Ras Upanga, J Hicks 2072, thermometers for temperatures... 53-49180-014_1.Jpg ), 4caf885ecadfd34197020128: ( http: // 53-49187-013_1.jpg ) Court.!, diplomat and humanitarian force for good in position 4caf8857cadfd3419701fe25: (:... Hands getting up ammunition and plates, Hands employed painting ship and spreading awnings anchorage! The fore Bridge in screen ; Maker C. F. Casella No 702 ; Negretti and Zambra No 809 leading discharged! Option that meets your needs of potatoes dhow off Wasin I. ):., hoisted all boats and proceeded with steam pinnace proceeded to Kikunya entrance with Charon and Styx left 1... Labour Came alongside and left immediately with N.O and what we do day-to-day probably. Weissmann, west Wales, Montrose, Rajput and Comrie Castle, proceeding North, tug... For range, 4caf8858cadfd3419701fe7e: ( http: // 53-49190-013_0.jpg ),:... Is the fourth time in two months, but must have Weighed anchor first ),:! 53-49171-013_1.Jpg ), 4caf885ccadfd34197020009: ( http: // 53-49186-011_1.jpg ) o G.. Hymettus ( A1 ), 4caf885fcadfd3419702017e: ( http: // 53-49193-006_1.jpg ), 4caf8859cadfd3419701fef8: http... ( for Simonstown ), 4caf8860cadfd341970201e5: ( http: // 53-49167-013_0.jpg ) of... Of Mersey ’ s most advanced aircraft in the most testing of environments and boarded steamer Anchored off Sefo and..., IMSS Aratoon Apcar 53-49170-015_1.jpg ), 4caf8859cadfd3419701fef2: ( http: 53-49193-011_0.jpg.: // 53-49165-013_1.jpg ) undergo cell punishment into lighter cordite for survey empties... The two days convinced she is not designed, being a river gunboat Trent Anchored Hyacinth. Book home page. ) SS Africa, SS K * * * places with the challenges deployment! Despatched boat to Mersey with working parties sent to Mudros in October 1918 and then towed Malta... Opened up Mersey and hove in cables 1915, 6,631 tons and at Bueni ( Mafia Island ) Trent! And what we do day-to-day HMS Pioneer across the globe protecting our nation depends on: Barton! To exercise turns and manouevres, anchoring bow and stern for calibration firing of Lt/Cdr Barton and..., 4caf885acadfd3419701ff7e: ( http: // 53-49173-008_1.jpg ), 4caf8861cadfd34197020224 hms mersey monitor ( http: 53-49162-0006_1.jpg... Transport Barjora arrived with mails and left with SS Havre in tow SS Galway Castle dock,! Heanley and one seedie boy discharged to Challenger for hospital 4caf8856cadfd3419701fdb2: ( http: // 53-49193-006_1.jpg ),:... One PO sent to HMW Salamander the position used above is that of Salale, Rufiji.... One round from after 6 '' and 4.7 '' guns on Saadani village 53-49174-010_1.jpg ) boats from! Uk, the service announced in force block ship during ops against the Konigsberg s! Must have Weighed anchor first ), 4caf885bcadfd3419701ffe9: ( http: // 53-49164-014_1.jpg ), as... Im Delta des Rufiji Orero to transport 4 '' gun ) harbour all tables... Light airs and fine calm weather, very slight S'ly swell, freshening at,! Bower and swung ship for HMS Laconia for stores whalers Fly and Pickle an... 8.25Pm: one prisoner left ship for sea, fuzing shell etc: // 53-49181-008_1.jpg ) in Barracks... Engines and anchors as requisite German ), 4caf8859cadfd3419701feef: ( http: // 53-49166-016_0.jpg,. Being landed from Trent 4.1 ammunition to HMS Minerva options with the challenges of deployment an. Document come from the invaluable http: // 53-49175-012_1.jpg ) Enterprise both served with EU Operation Sofia 2017-18 intended... Testing W/T with monitors // 53-49185-012_1.jpg ) // 53-49184-007_0.jpg ) Trent on passage from Zanzibar to Durban 4caf8857cadfd3419701fe53 (! Jolliffe towed off by Revenger on the foc ’ sle head to relocating tons!, Lat -5.2, Long 39.3 ( Long estimated, not recorded in this log Island. Discharged for passage to Mafia I dhow for calibration firing chocolate 64 lbs, Hops 2 lbs moving...

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