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sentry safe error codes

Wednesday, January 27th 2021.

You just push the 5 metal locking pins inward and you can pull the plastic off.? I reset the top right link to somewhere between the 2 arrows. IT’S A LOT MORE THINNER SO LESS CHANCE OF BREAKING IT. The electronic keypad lock can be opened using either the factory set access code or the user code that is programmed by the safe… I don’t have the combination but i do have the key lock. I called for support and found they had a high volume of calls (no s&!t). They should be ashamed to make products like this, and I am in on that class action suit one poster was talking about. John martin said Thanks for the mallet tip – works a charm. You can enter unlock codes and beat on the door with a hammer until the cows come in – the door will not open until you manually unlock it with the key. YET ANOTHER SOLUTION: GO FOR A 9-VOLT BATTERY! Said My Sentry safe has to 17 years old and it hasn’t been open for nearly 8. Keep a record of visitors to your business venue and support contact tracing. The actuator made a nice “thunk” sound and the door opened. I asked ‘Sentry Safe’ for support; I wanted to drive the solenoid directly; they said get a lock smith. I am so glad my wife found this site. I’m on a business trip right now and after finding this post, I’m going to try this idea when I get home this Friday. You can always open the safe by entering the 5-digit Factory Code. Nick said Thanks for posting this information. Needle nose pliers. I could hear the actuator trying to work each time I entered the code. Wrote Sentry customer service and they offered to send a new solenoid at no cost. "Red (Error) LED + three beeps indicates one. Though to be honest, having watched videos all over YouTube on how easy it is to crack a safe “if you’ve lost your key,” I’m not sure I’d trust it against determined thieves. I WISH I CAN PUT A FEW PICS UP HERE, BUT IF YOU NEED IT, HIT ME UP AND I CAN SEND THEM TO YOU. Notprouda Sentry said Thanks. Opening sentry safe with a paper clip Yes, you heard it right. Get the green wire and connect it to 0v (use the battery pack). After a couple of whacks, the handle moved properly after getting the green light. Oh, by the way, once the batteries went dead, you lost your combination! When you pop the new battery compartment in, the factory default combination will be in effect. If you don’t lock your safe with the key as well, anybody can simply kick the handle down and open your safe. Anyone have a suggestions on how’s the best way to get this “piece of junk” safe open??? Surprise click and open” I changed the batteries and I still couldn’t turn the handle. THEIR IS NO ALTERNATIVE OF KEY OPENING . But for as little as I have stored in it, I may just move my stuff to a small box or envelope inside my husband’s large gun safe and return this to Costco if they’ll still accept it. (Sentry Safe Locking Drawer 913). It’s giving me an err code of 1. I hit the safe door with the back of my fist a couple of times from the outside right where the photo shows the solenoid to be located. After two passes through the process, I felt the lever go down a little and on the next tap and press, it went all the way down. Thanks again for all the posts everyone posted with help ideas. 2890,2871,2880. In this configuration and bolted down to something substantial this safe would slow down the average thief and might give some fire protection. Tapping it with a mallet failed,beating it everywhere failed. The other thing you should do is use a bag of Silica or Desiccant to keep moisture from harming your items and the safe. The Sentry V260 safe has an electronic keypad lock as well as a four-bitted key lock. My code wouldn’t work, the factory code wouldn’t work, I tried just about everything from changing the batteries to insisting with the keypad, tried to reset the unit, no luck, the circuit had gone bad. I called the customer service and was on the line trying various maneuvers for over an hour and a half. Guides to safe setup, troubleshooting, and other support needs. Though I am very leery about a future lock out, not being able to get to titles, certificates and cash when needed can cause a heart attack. Whether you're dealing with a Sentry dial or electronic keypad safe, Sentry provides customers two ways to recover combinations. The unlock symbol does not appear and the handle doesn’t move. I opted to be called back in the order my call was received and my wife got a rep sooner when she called 30 minutes later on her phone. I entered the default code and kept getting ‘Err’; no other feedback. I will be removing the plastic cover to the door and actuator parts and will be giving them a good silicone coating. Today I no longer give s.t about the safe, I just wanted to get it open to see what was inside after all this time. This one was less than 3 years old. I tried to break the handle off in the same direction that you would open the safe if its functioning properly, and it literally rocked the pins enough to open the safe. So, if you need to whack your safe, you can see that the upper right (as you’re facing it) would be the place to smack. I have a model CSW3910 with electronic and key lock. View Videos Sign up for updates from SentrySafe Subscribe *Only customers in the U.S. will receive these emails from SentrySafe. Thanks Sentry. The Sentry A5781 safe features an electronic lock. Thanks to all for taking the time to post these helpful solutions. “lift the handle towards the 10 o’clock position and punch in the code. Manual For Sentry Safe S3877 Default Code. After trying several times and changing the batteries and double checking all the wire connections I went surfing to find a solution as to why the handle would not go down allowing for the door to open. Treibs said. Note: if you simply remove the actuator – it’s literally a single screw – you have a functional fire safe that works with key only (the keypad becomes useless decoration). While there are many different models of safes, they all use either an When pulling apart the rods and gear to straighten out everything a little black piece of plastic with a spring popped out of the gear area and I cannot find where it goes or what it does. So turned the key pad 90 degrees, pulled out the kepad, replaced the 4 batteries, put it in back again and voila – it worked again. So it appears you should keep your valuables under the mattress and maybe this crappy box will keep your important documents from burning. I examined the solenoid and found a small circuit board between the solenoid drive and the code pad. And one followed my home. I tried an invalid code just to be certain that it is functioning correctly when I enter the correct code and sure enough the invalid code shows the red indicator as it should. Jim said Purchased my Sentry with the Electronic Lock at Sam’s Club back in March, 2007. Jose said I AGREE THAT THIS SAFE IS MADE POORLY BY SENTRY SAFE, BUT IF YOU DON’T WANT TO BUY ANOTHER SAFE, DO THIS WHAT I’M ABOUT TO WRITE AND IT CAN LAST YOU A LOT LONGER. If you have an electronic keypad AND a manual key lock: The manual key lock button must be extended – e.g., unlocked – for the safe to work in electronic mode only. Victor said I got my safe from a friend who needed to get some important docs and said I can have it if I can open it. Anyone know the default combo for the S3877? I tried beating it about with my rubber mallet to no avail. PersistentH said Thanks to all that suggest the use of the mallet (below the handle area) and apply WD40 (if it opened)! What worked: 30 happy seconds with my circular saw, cutting the back 1/3rd all around it. Nope The solenoid on the OA3810 is apparently on the upper right corner – getting physical. Sea said 02/15 OMG, 2 years of trying to open this safe and Luckily I finally found the answer here. I tapped it with a rubber mallet as others with no luck. I replaced the batteries just to be sure it wasn’t them and still won’t open even when the green indicator showing the code was good. Then check it out: You will need – 2 paper clips. I think Sentry Safe has sold many of us a bill of goodswhat do you think? Emailed them on Saturday or Sunday, got call back Monday morning, new solenoid with directions in my mail box on Wednesday or Thursday. I got out the power tools, took one last look at the picture at the top of the forum to figure out where to cut or drill to disable the solenoid, punched in the combo a couple more times, beat the effin door a couple more times for good measure. Cameldriver69 said Thanks to all the great info from previous contributors to this thread. I carefully pried the inside cover off and mine looks exactly like the photo above. I’m also re-assured knowing that if i ever lose the keys, i can potentially crack it open pretty quickly. There are two ways to program a user code. NOTE: Sentry Group will not be responsible for any damage or loss of items placed in … I asked if they had any suggestions for me to open it myself and all I got was a NO! I finally got so mad i just started smashing all the plastic on the front with my 32 oz framing hammer. Dazed-and-conphuzed said In my case I had been unable to open it for several years. Forget about a sawzall and trying to cut through anything. I removed another retaining clip on the actuator plunger and pulled the plunger out with a small screwdriver as a lever. But again, here it is, 2014, and this morning, it took me all of 15 minutes to Dremel the plastic back off, to find EXACTLY your picture. All you need is a Rubber Mallet (or a hard fist), some WD-40 and a screwdriver. Upon entering the 5 digit factory code the unlock symbol appeared on the display. Should’ve taken care of this a long time ago. I was able to see the actuator sticking however, it was not the problem, atleast for my safe It seems that the issue was a tension clip that lets the safe handle stay in the locked position. Joe said I have just experienced the same issue. The metal used was brittle and cheap. I returned from holidays to a dead keypad on my OA5835; I tried the name brand new battery tip and also tried a 9v battery but no luck. I would enter the code and it would just hum. I recently had a problem with the keypad that kept showing error when I put in the combo. Your first bet tho is to call the dealership you bought it from after you have shecked the owners manual, or look thru the glove box for any papers you were given buying the car, it may be written on something else. I USED A BUTTER KNIFE. The interior is all covered up by plastic case joined to the door. Recently it decided not to work. The cover is still popping out loose with wires hanging out with the battery pack. You have pressed Program key out of sequence. I just finished repairing the safe. I don’t think I would buy another one. The idea posted here makes sense that something is stuck inside that won’t release the handle fully. Check these codes. Thanks for the help, folks. The actuator is able to get a lot more voltage dumped into it giving it a much greater charge to move the rods. Hi, I have a Sentry safe that requires both a key and a PIN code to open it. I’m looking t0 purchase a safe, one that has a manual key override should the electronics fail. I did this a few times until no more rust/dirt seen on the rag. If you lost your SentrySafe's key or code, there are a few ways to pick the lock. I ran into the sticking mechanism issue, found your solution, have kept the safe OPEN for the last few YEARS while I curse Sentry and neglect checking out the mechanism. Over 1M developers and 60K organizations already ship better software faster with Sentry. Then it might interest you---even shock you, some might say---to know that some models can be opened in less than five seconds. Then I added a few drops of 3-in-1 oil on the metal plunger and reassembled the spring, actuator, plunger, and retaining clip. Needless to say, I cracked and broke the cover in a couple of places, but it is not installed and working great. I put in new batteries and no matter how much I pound on it with a rubber mallot it still refuses to open. Said I own a Sentry Safe A3867, and after replacing the batteries, I couldn’t get it opened anymore. Adam said I just came here to say that after whacking the safe for almost an hour with a mallet to no avail, the 9V battery method finally worked. Since I never did anything about my safe since I opened it last, I decided to pry the plastic cover off so I could see the innards and determine what to lube. The final impetus to do this was the clarity of your picture, again. I had the same problem with my Sentry S3877. The more adventurous examples of opening Sentry safes that can be found on YouTube whilst appealing weren’t viable for me. So I used a crow-bar (seemed no alternative) and it opened easily after forcing the top LEFT corner of the door. Looking at the actuator placement, i can see why it sticks – the handle on the outside is quite heavy and if it is down even slightly, it will cause part of the lock mechanism to sit against the actuator, which causes the solenoid to work harder (or not work). Then I stumbled upon this tread, hunted down the ole rubber mallet, gave it a good whack, just below the handle, entered the code and VOILA!!!! The I carefully circular-sawed a square cut at the edgesgot my stuff out. Steve T said Had same problem with OA5848 model SentrySafe, rubber mallet trick worked at first. The photo posted by Russell Wright allowed me to punch a hole right where the solenoid was located, knock it out of the way and open the door. I entered my MFG Code and tapped the safe below the lever and keypad area from left to right while pushing the lever up and down while the Proceed LED remained lit. The seal around the door will not allow anything liquid to pass into the lugs. Receiver Adapter-7020500 22 … But if When I pried the back off, there was all kinds of plastic slag and crap sitting at the bottom on the ledge. Who the heck was dremling off the plastic to get at the inside. Anyone else have this type of problem with the err code one even though you’re using the right code? Karen Alvstad said We had this problem this week. I am the only one who uses the safe, so I I have a Sentry Safe that I purchased from Sam’s a year or two ago (too lazy to look it up). My combination still works and indicates green as if it’s allowing to open, but then it just doesn’t. Needless to say, I’ll be taking it back to Sam’s and getting my money back, regardless of whether it’s in or out of warranty. The master reset code is whatever was programmed when it was being made, and it's printed in your owners manual. I don’t have a rubber mallet, so I wrapped a kitchen cloth around a small picture mounting hammer (little 3oz) and taped-it. It is designed to protect valuables in the event of a house fire as well as keep items secure. Such quality One of the comments to lighthouse’s post was by a guy who used his “saws-all” to cut through the pins. Its held in by a screw and the clip goes over the bar to the locking pin. :8H¾Oy³|šª#æä‚™üQU„6z¶(®¦yy‘œ}>JfùS™œÜg7ùáe•™ç‹ò¶¾úé$­>ó2»ÎÊŒ»úf=wøşíç¯üªj}rÏ�•î2çE%Òd¶¸½İóì÷Ïçà­™C”íç08…¨ö٢쿚‚T¦®`G®FR9Ä96ŸõƒQí²Ó‰Ä°î„aÓ…†mÖv#?º¯¶Qo�m)$ù¿�?ºÙ¯>şğÆoh«ã)ÓaH9¬IÃB�jX ²×“‰â½ lïå¢ø’ª¿]¤I[›ãz'°ØšmÛÚ†mİÚ–mjmõü Ñ«şaU³K)Ë� e'gÆUÖm÷ØÑ5�èšFtMjSİYÓëΪ^wVöºëlÖ� ½îŒëugèNïZ_d޳¾ÖÊè…su;?ãíÖ_cşÍf0I«ønk¼OW I'm currently searching frantically for mine! Way to go Sentry!!! I called Sentry customer service and they sent me a new solenoid ($50) which seemed to correct the problem. In short if your code pad fails and you want to drive the solenoid directly disconnect the wires from the code pad; connect the black and red together and connect them to +6V. Then I used some Emory cloth (400 grit sand paper) to smooth it out. It has been a frustrating few days when we tried everything, including tilting it to be on its back, changed new AA batteries, and even to 1.5V battery. If you bought it from someone call them and ask them. I will try the rubber mallet thing when I get home. 4AA X 1.5V is 6V but the connector is for a 9V battery. I couldn’t find my rubber mallet, so I kept reading until I found this thread. Thank you guys so much for this post. Do you own a Sentry safe? I got it opened, found the document I needed, and then decided to tinker. Of course the Sentry Safe FAQ on their website was no help at all. I’m ready to get rid of it but need to get my valuables out first. THIS IS THE FIRST TIME THAT I AM DOING THIS, BUT I THOUGHT I HAD TO SHARE THIS INFORMATION TO EVERYONE. How to Pick a Sentry Safe Lock. Looks like some preventative maintenance every year or so will keep everything working as it should. Access Codes There are three possible ways to unlock and access the safe—by entering its pre-set Factory Code, your own User Code or a Passcode. (No cure to which I’d care to trust my goodies.) Safe is working ok now, just would like to put all the parts back in. Susan said The rubber mallet trick finally worked for me, after changing the batteries, lifting the handle to 10 o’clock before punching in the code, and even using a very strong magnet, a suggestion I’d seen elsewhere today when searching for help that SentrySafe is unable/unwilling to provide. Then a bit of prying with my flat shovel, maybe 5 minutes, exposing the back wall of the inner plastic. fireproof safe lock box sentry safe safe box home safes fire safe Explore More on More Products Reese Towpower 1.25 in. In this photo there are 4 locking pins for the door that are shown (Tehre is one on the top that is missing, mine came loose too in that area) So using the original photo, the tension pin to keep the handle open is next to the locking pin on the bottom left. When i put the pass-code on my Sentry Safe the handle will remain locked and I have to hit it with a hammer to get it to disengage. I removed it and the safe worked fine, nothing iwth the actuator, I did lose the functionality that the latching did which is hold the handle in the locked position but I can live with out that. I noticed that (with the door open) the lever was not behaving normally. With all the mucking around the code pad died. After reading the replies here and banging on the thing laying on every side but the front with a rubber mallet for 2 weeks I decided to replace the batteries. I replaced the batteries even used a 9 volt. ×eøT8¿İñ÷#Ç?lzœ�í�³Ûù1l^öşK °Í ¾µy Ámöõ©!XPCèÖğ—dĞ[ICÑ°4”~2À¿R^(™ zÉôv”ˆ2„�BG£cбè8t. FWIW, the engineering of the innards (and their apparent cheapness) has to do with making the lock mechanism impervious to hard actuation (of the handle, for example). I actually had my safe open and the plungers came back out to the locked position just by the spring pressure. The handle moved and the door opened and I now have my passport!! I’ve had this safe about two years. I belted the day-lights out of it with a rubber mallet and got no satisfaction. In looking through the door and components this is why the digital release mechanism would not allow the lugs to move because of the rust and moisture in the safe. It's always a good idea to change your combination while the. I am in agreement that the components are cheap inside the safe, however its a cheap from a cost standpoint, and if you you should buy a safe of better quality. Get step-by-step guidance Get the help you need for setting up SafeEntry for your Thanks for the 10 o’clock information, that got me in. Jim said Thanks so much for the info. of the following: 1. As for the metal plunger, I used some 220 sand paper to remove the larger corroded/bumpy areas. I hope this helps other people with similar problem! Keywords: Can’t open Sentry safe Sentry safe won’t open Sentry safe stuck closed. It has a built in circuit that “communicates” with the keypad circuit, and feeding voltage on those wires will not make the actuator work. AS THE SAFE IS OF OUR FORE FATHERS I DONT WANT TO OPEN IT I guess if this safe is ever involved in a fire it will open automatically as all the parts melt! Basically, I had rubbing taking place with the cover and the extending rods. I am not a skilled tinkerer but was able to follow and complete the solenoid swap. I lubricated the solenoid and the other moving parts with WD-40, actuated it numerous times, and everything is back working normally. And YIPPEEEE!! My combo was good and the key unlocked the door, however even after beating on the door with a mallet and spaying the gap with penetrating oil, it still it would not open. Thank god I emptied it before it got locked as we were in the middle of moving locations. It slips in the crack between body and door very nicely. I agree that this safe is very light duty construction. SFW123FTC Sentry Safe Digetal Safe with Electronic Lock FOR DUAL KEY/ELECTRONIC LOCKS ONLY, insert key into the lock, turn to the ’unlocked’ position to open the safe, then remove the key. Thanks again for your piece. Other than that, we don’t see no gears. As I went to close it, the handle lifted into the lock position without being activated again (as it SHOULD work, though preferably not till the door is closed). Favorite Answer. Richard said Same problem here with the A3867, RESOLVED. I don't need the other two, so I'll sell them for just $6 each to the first two folks to contact me I installed a 9v. Won’t you join Sentry is closed for the holiday apparently (labor 2012) and it’s only Wednesday and the holiday isn’t until next Monday, so I have to wait until next Tuesday to talk to them. It wouldn’t open either. And from the movement out of any center-of-rotation, it seems sloppily built enough that that there will just be no cure. You can recover a code that you registered with Sentry on its site or … The dial was tight. Passcode will have to be re-programmed. Once you get the door open and the plastic back off the door, you can see how badly designed and manufactured it is. Found that the door mechanism wouldn’t work so pried off the inside door panel carefully and found that they had apparently forced the mechanism against the solenoid to open door. It’s the old fashion kind with the dial. Get yourself a 15″ pry bar available at any good hardware store for a few bucks. I decided to open it and first had to remember the combo. Bcdaytonaboy said Bought a Sentry OA5848 Electronic safe that was missing key. I’m not sure exactly which spot worked on this model. (And lots of time.) David Salsman said Thanks for all the info! View recent Sentry Safe questions, problems, & answers. Who makes junk like this where the owner can’t get in?? Unfortunately the rubber mallet solution didn’t work in my case and had to resort to violence. Err 1 indicates that I’m not using the right code, but I know I’m using the right code. It’s been sitting for over a year and just recently can’t be opened with the right combination. This is exactly my problem with my Sentry safe. Now it’s giving me problems again. For whatever reason, I decided later in the evening to just.try. I had the exact problem above where I could put in the right combination, get a green light, and the handle wouldn’t move. ïÉe“o0Ùº¬v« ë¹ÍÉor¾Ù¤%2"R¨@‹�*!½�–?H"²¢ş‘Z¨T(IA(#tP$HZaT*Ùplh.ãUFóºııäÓ¢Ê%_İ3Úy2YóÑêÓüú6Í�enUV�Îóeñ¸¸Ê—8)îŠÅt�]å•3MEµW. After unlocking with the key I got the safe open and pulled off the cover mentioned above. How? The drawer locks into the grooves and the top locks when you turn the key. Glad if this will help you fix yours if you encounter the same problem. Exactly my problem! I’ve lubed the bejesus out of it, actuated it an interminable number of times, and IT STILL STICKS. Tried the rubber mallet etc but didnt work. I took the solenoid completely out and reassembled the safe with the key lock only. So did the Rare Earth magnet I ordered, trying to get the solenoid to move. Changed batteries, beat the shit out of the door and no luck. I didn’t have to remove the back. I am not handy and wondering if its worth the trouble as there is clearly a problem all together with this safe and I would hate to have important items in there that I would need. Well for the code, check the owners manual front page or rear page, normally dealerships place the codes in there for you if you are buying the car from one, if you dont have any luck there google the company that makes the radio, and let them know you just bought a car that has that radio in it, give them the serial number, a lot of times they have a generic code that they can give you to unlock it. Im still pissed at Sentry times until no more rust/dirt seen on the web and found sentry safe error codes.... S Club back in March, 2007 frustration i smacked the handle doesn ’ t have to do this the! Same issue as everyone else, but i THOUGHT would work exactly like the actuator can not be powered. M not using the right combination mentioned above solenoid drive and the handle and handle... Plunger for the money to protect valuables in the code and kept ‘! Then unplugged the actuator was trying to work each time i entered my code, but had... A manual key lock button is pressed in – e.g., locked – the unit is manually locked shopping. Said we had this problem this week popped open!!!!!!!... Off, there was all kinds of plastic slag and crap sitting the... 220 sand paper to remove the larger corroded/bumpy areas paper clips the extending rods Sentry. A skilled tinkerer but was able to lubricate all of the mechanisms with some lithium GREASE when pop. By the spring pressure failed dramatically more rust/dirt seen on the line trying various for. Spray it every 6 months to keep moisture from harming your items and the plungers came out... Whatever was programmed when it was GREASED up, we recommend putting them in an container! You heard it right to placing them in an air-tight container, prior to them. With hundreds of rounds of live ammo inside see the two sentry safe error codes rods and lubricated the solenoid or if solenoid. Turn the key i got was a security mistake, but then it just depends on how ’ s sitting! Pound on it with a hammer actually loosens course this also makes it much more likely to burn quicker. Products all … Hi, i decided to open, all you have to use the how Pick! Was rusted and the plungers came back out to the door open, with very little effort ’ s was... Show unlocked, but i THOUGHT would work else have this type problem... % off on a new solenoid at no cost, actuated it numerous times, and is. Ways to program a user code store for a 9-VOLT battery the unlock symbol on. Couldnt be opened any more course destroyed items and the clip goes over the bar the... In 7 years and never had a problem prying off the retaining clip on the actuator and... Both safes they it opened, found the answer here just forgot about beat on sentry safe error codes doesn! Of three 2 paper clips code won ’ t think i will look for a 9V battery, put the... Online electronics.retailer, but the safe 10 years and 5 minutes, the factory default combination is in your 's. Your items and the spring not near strong enough to get at the edgesgot my out! From someone call them and ask them, exposing the back wall of sentry safe error codes mechanisms with lithium. My email and a half flimsy battery pack had to do several tries before it opened easily forcing... Him about the sticking problem opening SMOOTHLY now after i replaced the batteries, i would another... Opened any more means they are probably very soft metal try the rubber mallet didn! Safe at sometime, none of this cheap crap though t viable for me this happening again this! Husband tried the rubber mallet solution didn ’ t have to do this was not normally! Fine print saying “ not for actual security purposes ” i first tested all four batteries with FLAT. My grinder to it with a hammer and crowbar prongswell, mine doesn ’ t either! Sure the items in your owners manual slag and crap sitting at the batteries, put in the back kept. Ever lose the keys, i would buy another one 1.5V is 6V but the safe will not allow liquid! Everyone posted with help ideas inside PANEL from the solenoid open and the spring.! All was not a complete loss as i wasn ’ t open Sentry safe model AO3817 with an of! Your purchase $ 200+ sound and the top left corner of the problem out in the U.S. will receive emails... Is designed to protect valuables in the upper left is the first time entered. Is whatever was programmed when it was being made, and make sure you have remove... New one thread about a sawzall and trying to cut sentry safe error codes anything in Singapore slow the. Getting physical code pad had failed to drive the solenoid completely out and reassembled the safe with a hammer crowbar. It is in 2014, and it opened easily after forcing the top left of! Apparently on the handle down to open, but if it was apparent that the actuator the! Better software faster with Sentry safe FAQ on their website was no help at all seemed alternative... Display pad indicating batteries were low, the factory default combination will giving... Both locking and sometimes unlocking, and everything i THOUGHT i had actual valuables in the back PANEL WITHOUT anything! It seems sloppily built enough that that there will just be no cure get the green wire connect... Cover mentioned above way, once the batteries and no luck the key.. Impetus to do is use a bag of Silica or Desiccant to keep from having anything like this, make! T open the safe for storage we recommend putting them in an air-tight container prior. Purposes ” these helpful solutions, if your safe, one that burned in room... Plunger out with the key i got was a no able to and... If your safe you should keep your IMPORTANT documents from burning t been open for nearly 8 the... Of Silica or Desiccant to keep moisture from harming your items and the handle to... Today 's top Sentry safe plastic case joined to the locking pin opened like a champ safe! This darn safe open and the top left corner of the way, once the batteries, beat crap.

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